These are the most popular products at John Lewis right now

While shopping habits vary from person to person, there are always some items that become more in demand than others. And to help us get an idea of what we as a nation have been loving this year, John Lewis has released its annual trends report mapping out its most popular products of 2019.

John Lewis annual trends report 2019
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The retail giant has revealed that the ways in which consumers have been shopping throughout the past 12 months by highlighting the most consistent trends and pointing out the specific things their costumers in particular have been purchasing the most this year.

So what are they? Well for starters, you’ll be pleased to hear that sustainability has been at the forefront of our minds when shopping this year as the retailer has seen a 1573 per cent increase in reusable straws as well as a 176 per cent increase in portable cutlery.

‘Alongside Glastonbury’s decision to ban single-use plastic bottles, for the first time, and the Governments forthcoming ban on plastic straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers, in England, customers are increasingly mindful of their purchases; looking for investment, sustainable pieces at affordable prices,’ says the brand.

‘John Lewis is one of the leading retailers for reusable water bottles and often sees customers selecting a range of styles and sizes for their gym bags, commutes, desks and handbags.’

John Lewis annual trends report 2019
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Similarly, another big trend this year has been the idea of bringing the entertainment that is traditionally sought for elsewhere to our own homes.

‘Customers are reinventing their living room to create experiences at home,’ the report explained. ‘From hosting informal dinner parties to creating home cinemas and embracing the joy of missing out. Seasonal celebrations such as Halloween and Easter also see customers pulling out all the stops at home.’

This is proven by the retailer’s 40 per cent increase in Halloween light up trees and wreaths, 32 per cent increase in hanging decorations for Easter trees, 136 per cent increase in drink trolleys and 33 per cent increase in spirit measures.

However, overall the most popular products purchased at John Lewis this year were linen bedding (which saw an increase of up to 187 per cent), botanical plants (with an increase of 43 per cent), the aforementioned reusable straws and finally, smart doorbells, which saw sales upped by 51 per cent.