Jodie Comer’s next big role after Killing Eve has been revealed

If you’re still struggling to get to grips with Killing Eve soon coming to an end, we have some good news for you. Because the show’s breakout star, Jodie Comer, has just been confirmed to take the lead in another major drama, and the premise sounds brilliant.

jodie comer

Comer has been spellbinding as Villanelle, the murderous villain of Killing Eve, and had us all weeping into our sofa cushions as a carer for Covid patients in Channel 4’s Help.

Her next role will be in Big Swiss, an adaptation of a novel by Jen Beagin, the author of Pretend I’m Dead and Vacuum in the Dark.

The show follows a woman as she starts a new life anonymously transcribing sex therapy sessions in New York. When she becomes fixated on one of the patients she listens to – Big Swiss, played by Comer – an obsessive and explosive relationships develops between the two.

So far so intriguing – and we can imagine that with her propensity for playing intense characters well, Comer will nail this. As well as acting in the drama, she will also executive produce it alongside Beagin.

The novel the new show is based on is not actually out yet – it’s due to be released later this year by publishers Curtis Brown.

The synopsis reads: ‘We meet Greta, a transcriber for a sex and therapy coach named Om (real name Bruce).

‘Greta lives in a dilapidated mansion with vultures on the roof and a forty-year-old beehive in the ceiling. Her housemate Sabine sells weed to the various inhabitants of the small town they live in and Greta sometimes recognises them by the audio recordings she has been transcribing.

‘Life is ticking along (in a slightly off kilter fashion) until Big Swiss enters the picture and turns Greta’s life upside down.

‘Whipcrack smart and completely unexpected at nearly every turn, this is laugh out loud hilarious with a dark edge.’

We’ll bring you more details as we have them!