Jo Malone London just launched six new candles

Taking inspiration from scented scenes and celebrated moments within a London townhouse, Jo Malone London has launched The Townhouse Collection, a new selection of scented candles created especially for the home.

Jo Malone London

Think freshly baked goods in the drawing-room to colourful stories among the vines in the garden room, the six candles that make up The Townhouse Collection each capture the mood of a particular moment within the home.

As always, Jo Malone London has thought of every detail and each of the candles comes in a ceramic jar that references elements of Georgian architecture such as cornicing and columns to mantles and fireplaces. Decadent features that were seen in the townhouses of the 1700s.

As for the six new scents, here they are in all their glory…

Wild Berry & Bramble Townhouse Candle, £90, Jo Malone London

A fragrant tapestry of thorny shrubs and arching brambles, brimming with red berries, this is a scent for any hour of the day.

Pastel Macaroons Townhouse Candle, £90, Jo Malone London

With the sweet aroma of almond tarts, freshly baked scones and pastel macaroons, this candle evokes memories of dessert in the drawing room.

Green Tomato Vine Townhouse Candle, £90, Jo Malone London

Energise your home with the fresh tang of vine grown tomatoes and rich, green aroma of sprightly tomato plants warmed by the afternoon sun in the garden room.

Glowing Embers Townhouse Candle, £90, Jo Malone London

Cosy up next to the glowing embers of a log fire as flames crackle, pages turn, and this comforting scent fills the room.

Lilac Lavender & Lovage Townhouse Candle, £90, Jo Malone London

Calming lavender blends with the aromatic greenery of humble lovage to soothe the senses. Think quiet Sundays, rain on the window and clean white sheets.

Fresh Fig & Cassis Townhouse Candle, £90, Jo Malone London

Like a sunlit morning, the Fresh Fig & Cassis Townhouse candle will give you late summer nostalgia.

Can’t decide on your favourite but have the cash to splash? You can buy the entire Jo Malone London Townhouse Candle Collection for a whopping £540 here.