Jo Malone London just unveiled two beautiful brand new fragrances

2020 has been a year, so it goes without saying that we’ll take comfort from whatever we can. Fragrance can take on that role, making us feel calmer, more joyful, and more like ourselves. And we can always trust in beloved scent brand Jo Malone London to help us live our best scented lives, no matter what’s going on in the world. 

jo Malone London new perfumes
Jo Malone London

Case in point: the two (yes that’s right, two) new colognes that the brand are releasing as part of their ‘Lost In Wonder’ collection this year. JML is known to launch a new fragrance around this time of year as summer turns into the beginnings of autumn, but for 2020, the brand just knew we needed two. And if you’re looking to treat yourself with a comforting new fragrance, this duo certainly won’t let you down. 

Both new scents have been inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens, and aim to evoke ‘a lost moment in time, imagined in the present,’ and a scene that is ‘flush with water-splashed flowers and ripe fruits, trailing vines and statuesque trees.’ Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne 100mllFig & Lotus Flower 100ml Cologne, £100, Jo Malone London

The first of the brand’s new fragrances is Fig & Lotus Flower; a zesty, refreshing cologne that’s the perfect pick if you prefer lighter fragrances with a fruity/floral kick. Jo Malone London recommends pairing it with Wood, Sage & Sea Salt for a ‘fresh and luscious floral pairing,’ but it’s also stunning worn alone, and lasts well on the skin. It comes in a 100ml cologne, as well as a smaller 30ml cologne, for £100 and £50 respectively. 

Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense 100mlCypress & Grapevine 100ml Cologne, £128, Jo Malone London

Next up is a new addition to the brand’s Cologne Intense range, which boasts a collection of more luxurious fragrances with hard-hitting aromas. Cypress & Grapevine is fresh yet woody and rich, and has a definite unisex feel to it. This is the one to opt for if you’re into less typically feminine scents, and more intense note pairings.

It is available in 100ml and 30ml bottles, like Fig & Lotus Flower, as well as an exfoliating shower gel. These are a little pricier, with the colognes coming in at £82 and £128, and the gel at £38.