Jo Malone’s £26 cologne pen is finally available to shop

Scent can have a major impact on your mood, so with the world feeling more than a little upside-down right now, we’re looking for new ways to embrace it however we can.

From essential oils to fill our homes to comforting candles to help us destress, there’s nothing like an uplifting citrus note or familiar floral to soothe your soul. And now there’s a new alternative way to wear fragrance on your skin, courtesy of the Jo Malone cologne pen – a first for the brand.

Jo Malone Blossoms collection
Jo Malone London

The launch is part of the limited edition Blossoms collection, a light, refreshing spring edit that packs notes of zesty fruits and fresh flowering blossom in abundance.

The innovative cologne pen, infused with layers of juicy nectarine and sweet honey, uses a targeted ceramic nib to apply the perfumed gel directly to your pulse points.

Its smaller size makes it a great option for carrying in your handbag, or even stashing in your hand luggage for use on flights, when we can safely board them once again. Better yet, it’s one of the most affordable items from the luxury brand, retailing at just £26, where a full bottle of cologne from Jo Malone would typically set you back upwards of £50.

As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait, and Jo Malone lovers have been counting down the days since the pen’s imminent arrival was announced in April. Now, two months later, it’s finally available to shop on the JML website, but a word of warning: we predict very high demand.

Jo Malone cologne pen

Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne Pen, £26, Jo Malone London

If you do happen to miss out, you can still get your fragrance fix with the rest of the equally gorgeous edit. From intense colognes to room-filling candles, here are the products you can add to your basket now.

Jo Malone Limited Edition Blossoms Collection

Yuja Cologne, from £52, Jo Malone London

A full, fizzy citrus with a base of verdant trees.

Silk Blossom Cologne, from £52, Jo Malone London 

Apricot, subtle spice and powdery soft heliotrope all mingle here.

Waterlily Cologne, from £52, Jo Malone London 

Clean and dewy, lifted with jasmine sambac and neroli.

Osmanthus Blossom Cologne, from £52, Jo Malone London

Peach and orange flower bring an exotic feel, tempered with warm cashmere wood.

Orange Blossom Home Candle, £51, Jo Malone London

The limited edition frosted jar will brighten any mantlepiece or windowsill.

Orange Blossom Diffuser, £67, Jo Malone London

Clementine flower, orange blossom and water lily – blooming lovely.