You can now buy a customisable Jo Loves Shot Candle online

Anything that Jo Malone CBE is at the helm of very quickly turns to magic. First, it was her namesake brand Jo Malone (now known as Jo Loves after Malone herself stepped down and sold the brand), then it was her newer endeavour Jo Loves.

At the heart of Jo Loves is Malone’s unique, masterful concoctions, which have captured the noses of fragrance fans everywhere. From her first creation Pomelo to the newest offering Cobalt Patchouli and Cedar, these are scents for people who adore perfume.

But it’s not just fragrance that Jo Loves is famous for. The brand’s candles are also pretty special, particularly the Shot Candles. Previously, these customisable creations were only on offer at the brand’s beautiful flagship shop on Elizabeth Street in London but now, you can buy them online too. 

So what exactly is a Shot Candle? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to create your perfect home scent, this is a concept you’ll be fully on board with. Jo Loves’ Shot Candles allow you to pick your perfect scent pairing and end up with a fully customised candle handmade just for you. 

Shot Candle, £70, Jo Loves

‘The Shot Candle concept was inspired by a chance culinary moment in New York City many years ago,’ explains Jo. ‘I wondered if I could do the same with candles and the idea was born. Creativity meets personalisation and is brought to life through a scent memory.’

The process works by choosing a base, which will — as its name suggests — stand at the base of your creation and set the tone for what your candle will smell like. There are seven options online, from Fig Trees to a Jo Loves classic: White Rose and Lemon Trees. After you’ve selected this, you move on to your ‘shot,’ which is the bit of the candle that gets slotted in on top. These scents range from mango to lemongrass, log fires to salted caramel. 

After matching up your perfect pair, you’ll be left with your own unique candle that you can be proud to burn around the home. 

Jo’s Perfect Paris A Shot Candle™, £70, Jo Loves

As well as creating your own bespoke candle, there are also a couple of pre-made versions which you may want to try out or get a little inspiration from.