Jimmy Choo’s heated boots will keep your toes toasty all winter (but they don’t come cheap)

Jimmy Choo has unveiled its latest shoe-tastic invention: heated winter boots.

Yes, you read that correctly: the long-standing luxury favourite shoe brand has designed a techy pair of shoes that’ll keep your toes warm in winter, all while looking incredibly cool.

The Voyager White Shiny Calf Leather Ankle Boots with Heated Soles, £1250, Jimmy Choo

So how do these ingenious new shoes work? The design features a heated insole that’s activated through an app on your phone. The insole is charged through a USB cable that’s hidden under the collar of the shoes, and only needs to be charged once every eight hours. Temperatures can be set from a snug 25°C to a fiery 45°C. What’s more, the shoes also include another impressive feature which is able to track your steps, and are also water-resistant.

The boots come in two different women’s designs, both of which which feature a shearling lining for an extra layer of warmth. There are a hi-shine white pair with boldly branded lacing, as well as a more modest option that come in black with furry detailing.

The Voyager Black Shiny Calf Leather Snow Boots with Heated Soles, £1,295, Jimmy Choo

And if you’re after a pair of his’n’hers heated techy shoes, you’re in luck. As well as the women’s boots, Jimmy Choo has also designed heated options for men. There are two styles, one of which comes in plain black, and another black and white pair made with black croc printed vachetta leather.

Discussing her new launches, Creative Director Sandra Choi told Harpers Bazaar: ‘Wearable technology is still in its infancy and our first consideration when developing the Jimmy Choo Voyager was functionality. We asked ourselves the question: What tasks would you have your shoes fulfil?’

‘A boot that warms the feet seemed like the ultimate luxury, but a fundamentally practical one,’ she added.

All four styles are available to buy now, but nearly all sizes appear to be down to the last pairs on Jimmy Choo’s website. The boots will also be sold in-store.

Perhaps the only catch is the price point. At £1295, they sure aren’t cheap, but they’re most definitely one of a kind.