Jessie and Lennie Ware tell us how to choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Singer-songwriter Jessie Ware and her mum, Lennie, are the hosts of award-winning food podcast, Table Manners, serving up unfiltered chat and home cooked meals inspired by the ‘raucous dinners of her Jewish upbringing’.

Jessie and Lennie Ware

Now, the duo has teamed up with Etsy to dish on all things Mother’s Day gifts. We chatted with Jessie and Lennie about all things motherhood and Mother’s Day (Lennie’s favourite day of the year), including how they choose the perfect gift for each other (and who’s the most picky!).

Read our interview with them, then check out their favourite Etsy finds and grab a few for the mums in your life.

Hi Jessie and Lennie! So, is Mother’s Day a big day for you both? How do you like to normally celebrate?

Lennie: This is my absolute favourite day of the year. Last year was awful as I didn’t get to see anyone due to the pandemic. It would’ve been too sad if I was only able to see Jessie and the children outside the window this year too.

Jessie: My husband doesn’t take it seriously enough yet! I need him to instil it into my children like my mum certainly did with us! She taught us how much mothers need to be adored and celebrated on this day!

How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Will you get to spend it together?

L: Yes, we are in a bubble as I live alone. We will be having a lovely big roast this year!

J: We will all be together this year which I am so grateful for. Mum and I will cook – and fight – in the kitchen and have a quiet one over a big meal. But next year, it’s Claridge’s!

scented candle

‘LEI DAY’ Scented Candle, £27, Etsy

We know you both love food. What will you be cooking this Mother’s Day or having cooked for you?

L: Jessie is a mum too. We will probably share the cooking and try not to argue. Jessie will always defer to my roast potatoes and gravy.

J: I have no idea how to do mum’s potatoes so I leave her to it – I need to have a look at what is out there for Mother’s Day DIY home food kits. We have had some amazing food kits over lockdown and feel like we should be supporting restaurants at this difficult time for hospitality. The cheese gift box in our edit is also incredible and makes a great gift!

cheese gift set

Truckle Cheese Gift Box, £27.99, Etsy

How do you choose the perfect gift for one another?

L: Everyone knows I like lovely soaps, scented candles and nice hand cream, so the Etsy edit makes it so much easier to find the perfect gift. I think Jessie is harder to choose gifts for.

J: What are you talking about mum!? I am easy, I don’t ask for anything, I never mind! And Mum always does brilliant presents. Maybe we should just do a spa day together when we can, that’s my idea of heaven – with afternoon tea after!

soap on a rope

Exfoliating Pumice Soap on a Rope with Eucalyptus and Lemongrass, £9.50, Etsy

Lennie, be honest – has Jessie ever given you a particularly dud Mother’s Day present?

L: No, I’ve always received lovely thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. All my children know that they dare not slip up as I love Mother’s Day.

J: Mum’s quite prescriptive on what she wants, which makes it very easy. But you can’t go wrong with flowers, soap or hand cream!

dotted wide mugs

Dotted wide mug, £70, Etsy

Which is your favourite item from your Etsy Mother’s Day edit?

L: I LOVE the soaps and the scented candle from the edit, there’s so many different options you can pick for the mum in your life this year.

J: There are so many wonderful ceramicists on Etsy, I have some beautiful ceramic tumblers and a new terrazzo serving dish made out of mussel shells!

terrazzo mussel serving platter

Large recycled mussel serving platter, £69, Etsy

What’s more important – a thoughtful gift or quality time together?

L: Out of choice, I would rather be with family than have a present.

J: Quality time, of course! But I’m also well up for a thoughtful gift this year as my family and I have spent every waking moment together this past year (which I have adored).

Has your dynamic changed during the pandemic at all? What have you learnt about each other this year?

L: We have always been close and not much has changed about that. I’ve done a lot of cooking for Jessie this year because she still doesn’t have a proper kitchen. Chicken soup and matzo balls makes its way across London most weekends, as well as other goodies.

J: I have learnt that no one can beat my mum’s roasts or chicken soup! I’m very lucky to have her and to have been able to be with her this past year when so many people haven’t seen their loved ones.  My husband hasn’t seen his parents face to face since September, and I know for others it has been even longer. I have also learnt that my mum has watched every piece of television under the sun. She is basically the Radio Times!

Did your relationship change when Jessie became a mum?

L: It’s difficult not to be the bossy person I am and to respect Jessie’s choices. I’ve learnt to only give an opinion when invited to do so.

J: …Usually it’s pretty good advice too!

Check out Jessie and Lennie’s Mother’s Day favourites on Etsy.