GET TO KNOW: Jessica Russell Flint and her new collaboration with Lick

From their famous wallpaper and paint samples that peel-and-stick to their super-durable finishes that resist dirt and grime, Lick is the up and coming paint brand determined to make decorating fuss-free. With a wallpaper range that is as easy to hang as it is to clean, it was really only a matter of time before a collaboration was on the cards.

That’s where Jessica Russell Flint comes in. Her unique, vibrant, hand-illustrated prints caught Lick’s eye and the rest of the collaboration and wallpaper collection is history.


Hi Jessica, it’s so lovely to chat with you today about the launch of this exciting collaboration between yourself and Lick, how are you feeling?

I’m feeling good thank you. Looking forward to the launch and to the end of (or a semblance of) the end of lockdown!

It’s getting ever closer… Looking through the prints each one has such a different feel, could you expand on your ideas for these collections?

The Chinoiserie was inspired by classic chinoiserie, this was encouraged by Tash, head colourist at Lick who loved one of my previous designs ‘Hong Kong Pop’, but with a twist and a one-tone look. The influence of the East is definitely upon us at the moment from an interior design perspective, so it feels fitting.

The Palm Leaf print is a signature of historic JRF designs. I’ve always loved animals and their textures and people love statement wallpaper! The Stargazer celestial design is a mash-up of textures of the horizon; it’s quite peaceful despite the detail, perfect for a bedroom wall or ideal for a ceiling.

It’s really nice to have such great choices in an array of designs. What drew you to Lick as a brand that made you want to join forces?

Lick is innovative, as well as being eco which is important in this day and age, they’re passionate about modern interiors and colour! Mostly though, as well as being very cool aesthetically, I just really liked the team, friendly, uncomplicated and innovative.


Lick pride themselves on being environmentally responsible, was this something you felt strongly about also? Can you expand on how this has looked within your collaboration?

It did have an impact on why I chose to use their paints in our renovation project! I wanted to use a paint that was environmentally responsible and sat well on the walls of our new life. In terms of this collaboration, I know that the paper is made in the UK as locally as possible to reduce carbon footprint.

Such great steps towards sustainable living! Your prints are so colourful and eccentric, can you tell us a little bit more about your designs and how you work to create them?

I hand draw everything, I see lots of ideas wherever I go and try to note them down or use my phone to take photos. Mostly I scan in lots of layers of textures and use hand-drawn images using ink and quill, mix those textures and then finalise everything on one scan before turning it into a digital print. It works wonderfully.

This year has seen most of us working in a new way, and from our homes, how have you found collaborating with Lick without face-to-face interaction? 

I have enjoyed not having to travel, the freedom of time spent drawing rather than travelling for a meeting that can be done face to face over zoom! Obviously, I think it’s important to make time for face to face real-life meetings, but one thing I’ve appreciated about COVID is how productive I’ve been… Except for the burden of working with small children running around!


If you could describe the collection in a nutshell, what would you say?

A bold and colourful collection for anyone who wants to make their space feel unique and bring some feeling into the space. Each print tells a different story and evokes a certain mood that can be carried throughout the home.

And finally, what’s on the horizon for Jessica Russell Flint? (Apart from being able to finally have a drink with friends)!

Oh, the drink with friends is so required; although, we moved from London about four months ago to the countryside and it’s been full-on with a massive renovation project so I’ve loved not having to worry about fitting in a social life in between… Bring on the garden cocktails.

From a brand perspective, we are excited to launch many new products but our main focus right now is the new eco-resort collection for the start of May… we’ve been working on it for a couple of years and finally, we’re able to press the button!


Shop the Jessica Russell Flint x Lick wallpaper collection here