The unexpected £6 product behind Jennifer Lopez’s glowing skin

If there’s one celebrity who is consistently glowing like no other, it’s Jennifer Lopez. One look at her and you’d think the woman invented the word; she even chose it as the name for her hugely successful celebrity fragrance.

However, while we’re sure much of the star’s radiance has to do with her genetic make up (some people are just blessed by the glow gods), JLo’s make-up artist has just revealed the secret hack he uses to achieve her glistening look, and it’s actually surprisingly achievable.

Jennifer Lopez sunscreen hack
Getty Images

Scott Barnes, Jennifer’s go-to celebrity MUA, has explained that instead of using an oil to give his clients a luminous skin boost (as many of us would) he opts for sunscreen and apparently, it works like magic. Especially if you use the same purse-friendly brand he turns to when working with JLo.

Scott let us all in on the genius hack as he appeared on Tati Westbrook’s YouTube channel to give her an epic JLo inspired makeover and answer some fan questions.

On the topic of body make up, Tati – who referred to Scott as ‘the first one to do full-on body glowy makeup’ – asked the make-up artist what his favourite drugstore product was, to which he said: ‘My favourite drugstore products is Neutrogena, I use this Neutrogena spray. It’s an Ultra Sheer Body Spray Sunscreen Mist SPF30.’

Jennifer Lopez sunscreen hack

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Body Mist SPF30, £6.40, Amazon

He then demonstrated the glowing effect of the sunscreen by spritzing it on Tati’s chest area and it was safe to say both she and viewers were in awe of the results. ‘Forget the MAC Setting Spray, this is also good for your skin,’ Scott continued. ‘So, when you go outside bronzed you maintain your sun protection. This is Barbie skin!’

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. No wonder Jennifer Lopez looks just as glowing and youthful as she did when she stepped into the limelight two decades ago!