Jennifer Aniston has revealed the £11 product that gives her her ‘glow’

Jennifer Aniston looks just as gorgeous as she did when we first met her as Rachel Green on Friends. Her skin is perfect, she’s constantly glowing and on multiple occasions, she’s been hailed the most beautiful woman alive (by publications such as People and fans alike).

Now, the Hollywood star has revealed exactly how she maintains her youthful looks – and it’s not how you might expect.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
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Speaking to Well and Good about her morning routine, the actress admitted that she’s a fan of keeping things as simple as possible. In fact, to start the day all she does is wash her face with soap and water, before applying a day cream with SPF.

However, as she continued, Jennifer shared another secret that suggests that that the real hack isn’t in what she puts on her skin, but what she puts in her body.

Each morning, she drinks a smoothie for breakfast, adding a collagen supplement in every glass. ‘There’s a collagen peptide that I’ve been loving,’ she told the publication. ‘I’ve been seeing a difference. My nails are stronger and there’s a healthier… how do you explain it? A glow. It’s sort of that working from the inside-out thing.’

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Her supplement of choice is Vital Proteins, and luckily for us, it’s very affordable, starting on Amazon at just $15 which works out at around £11. (If you’re not based in the US, the brand offers international shipping on their website, although prices vary).

The 49-year-old star isn’t the only celebrity who uses the brand; the eldest member of the Kardashian clan, Kourtney, also swears by the product, a fact she revealed after recently posted her own morning routine on her official app.

‘Every morning, when I wake up, I take collagen supplements on an empty stomach,’ she said, referring to her Vital Proteins powder. ‘About 20 minutes after the collagen, I usually drink one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar mixed into a glass of water.’

While we won’t promise that the collagen supplement tastes as good as it works, we can say that if it’s good enough for the likes of Jen and Kourtney, it’s good enough for us…