This is the exact lipstick Jennifer Aniston wore in ‘Friends’ and you can still buy it

Friends will, for most of us, always be a show that holds a special place in our hearts. And increasingly, as the years since its end goes by, we’re starting to realise just how cool all the 90s-inspired outfits, hair and makeup were. Phoebe’s hairstyling? On point. Monica’s dresses? Yes please. And Rachel’s makeup? There for it.

So the news that Jennifer Aniston has revealed the exact lipstick she wore while on the show will most likely fill most of us with sheer delight and excitement.

Jennifer Aniston Mac Paramount lipstick
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Speaking to Popsugar, Jen apparently revealed the shade she carried with her everywhere during Friends – and you can still buy it now.

When asked what she would keep in her makeup bag, the actress replied: ‘MAC’s Paramount, particularly that colour… because after all, it was the ’90s.’

MAC Paramount is a muted brick orangey-brown that comes in the brand’s beloved Satin finish. At £17.50, it’s totally affordable and can be purchased directly from MAC’s website, or in-store at their counters.

Jennifer Aniston Mac Paramount lipstick

Mac Satin Lipstick in Paramount, £17.50,

The dreamy shade is still just as appealing today as it was back then, thanks to its neutral tone and ‘suits-all’ nature. And with all things ’90s coming back around, Paramount is the perfect 2019 option.

Aniston’s makeup is not the only thing that gained traction on the show; her infamous ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle is still talked about over a decade later. The star recently revealed that she had great trouble with styling the cut after leaving the salon and parting ways with her stylist Chris McMillan.

Rachel hair
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She said: ‘I used to call it the “Rachel hair” because I got that haircut that was like, “Wow this is amazing,” and then I was totally left with this frizzy mop on my head — because I had no idea how to do what he did. Nobody seems to know how to do what Chris does.’

Either way, it will always be iconic.

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