This is how to tell if jeans will fit without trying them on

The high street is officially open once more, which is great for those of us who have been itching to get back to the shops to restock our wardrobes with those must-have summer buys.

Safety is still of course of upmost importance in public spaces, so while the shops are open, you’ll notice some fairly major changes as you browse your favourite store, one major change being that changing rooms are closed for the time being. This is extremely necessary in minimising the spread of the virus, but it does mean that we can’t try anything on in the shops.

jeans on hangers
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This will prove especially tricky for certain clothing items such as jeans, where the fit is everything. We all know how hard it is to find the perfect-fitting pair as it is, let alone if we can’t even try them on until we get home. To avoid a second trip to return ill-fitting purchases, one TikTok user has revealed a genius hack for checking how well jeans will fit you without trying them on.

TikTok user @billiexnewland has posted two videos on the matter, with the first showing viewers how to find the right waistband size. The hack states that if you can snugly fit your forearm inside the waistband without any space left over, this is a good indicator that this is the right size for you.


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The second video tells us how to find the perfect jeans length. She says that if you hold both jeans at the ankles and stretch your arms apart and your arms are not bent nor is their leftover jeans at the end, this is a tell-tale sign that this is the ideal length for you.


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♬ original sound – billiexnewland

Now, we will say here that we know just as much as anyone how much of an enigma it is to nail the perfect jeans fit and that every body is different, so this won’t be a hard and fast rule that will work for everyone.

However, it’s an excellent starting point for guiding you towards your best fit and considering changing rooms are closed for the foreseeable future, we’ll definitely be trying it out next time we hit the shops.