Everything you need to know about upcoming ITV drama Cheat

Is it just us or has the drama department at ITV been very busy bees recently? It feels like we’ve been getting new TV series announcements every week – and quite frankly, we’re loving it.

Earlier this week, we reported that Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is working on a new ITV period drama (much to our delight), not to mention the highly anticipated return of hit drama Liar. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve just got word of a brand new series coming to the channel and judging by the details that have been released so far, it’s going to be a gripping one to say the least.

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The four-part drama titled Cheat is from the makers of Liar and will star former Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly, who is also known for her roles in Mr Selfridge and The Night Manager, and Three Girls star Molly Windsor,  who will be the show’s two protagonists.

Here’s everything we know about it so far…

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The plot

ITV’s Cheat is centred around the dangerous relationship between university professor Leah and her student, Rose. After a series of events take place, things escalate between the two leading to fatal consequences.

The official ITV synopsis, reads: ‘At the heart of the drama is the dangerous relationship between university professor Leah (played by Katherine Kelly), and her student Rose (Molly Windsor).

‘What begins as a seemingly open and shut case of academic deception, quickly spirals out of control, ending in fatal consequences, and triggering a devastating sequence of events that threaten to engulf them both.

‘With two fiercely intelligent minds unwilling to back down, Cheat will keep audiences guessing from the start, exploring just how far we’re prepared to stand up for what we believe, and at what cost.’

Similarly, Head of Drama at ITV, Polly Hill, said: ‘Cheat is a fiendishly engaging four-part drama. It’s a tense and taut thriller packed with intriguing plot that promises to have audiences on the edge of their seat.’

The cast

As well as Katherine and Molly, who will be the stars of the show as Leah and Rose, the cast of Cheat includes Tom Goodman-Hill who viewers will recognise from Humans and Mr Selfridge. Tom will play Leah’s university professor boyfriend, James, while Lorraine Ashbourne (from Unforgotten and Silent Witness) and Peter Firth ( from Spooks and Victoria) play her parents, Angela and Michael.

Meanwhile, Adrian Edmondson, who starred in Bancroft, Retribution and War & Peace,  takes the role of Rose’s father, William.

When will it air?

No air date has been release for Cheat just yet but it is expected to be arriving on ITV in spring 2019, which means we won’t have long to wait.