A TikTok trend inspired this new Isle Of Paradise tanning tool and it promises a streak-free finish

If you’re a fan of fake tanning, you’ll likely love a good spray tan. When it comes to getting that perfect colour, smooth, seamless finish, and lasting glow, you really can’t beat a good tan that’s done professionally. And along with getting our nails, brows, and roots done, spray tan appointments were definitely one of the things we missed during peak lockdown times 2020; so much so that TikTok hacks for getting your tan on from home were aplenty. 

In fact, one TikTok trend became so huge, that it inspired tanning brand Isle Of Paradise to invent a whole new way to use their formulas that makes spray tanning from home simpler than ever before. 



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Isle Of Paradise is known for its effective tanning waters, which have colour correcting benefits and come in three hues. The popular tanner is available to buy in spray bottles, as well as refill pouches, which TikTok fans began to use with misting bottles to do their spray tan from home throughout 2020. The videos caught founder Jules Von Hep’s attention so much so that they inspired him to create an all-new refillable continuous mist applicator for his legion of fans. 

For just £10.95 (plus the cost of a refill pouch), the Pro-Glow Spray Tan Mister allows you to get the closest thing to a professional spray tan from the comfort of your own bathroom. It features a 360 spray nozzle that produces long, continuous streams of ultra-fine mist to tan your whole body easily and quickly. 


Isle Of Paradise Pro Glow Spray Tan Mister, £10.95, Boots

Speaking about the genius new technology, Von Hep wrote: ‘It’s no secret that social media has played a huge role in our lives particularly when it comes to our beauty. We spotted a new trend on TikTok where everyone was pouring our refill pouches into mister bottles, and we knew right away we could make something incredible, specifically for self-tanning. The original TikTok video has over 2M views and subsequently resulted in our refill pouches selling out in just 48 hours, so our customers really were on to something.’


Isle of Paradise Medium Self-Tanning Water Refill Pouch, £13.95, Boots

He continued: ‘It’s so important for us to listen to what consumers are looking for when it comes to their tanning routine and social media has played a huge role in opening up that direct communication with our community. From concept to creation the Continual Sprayer has taken just short of six months, whilst our products normally take around twelve months from ideation to execution. With new trends popping up every day, we had to act quick to make the Mister a reality’

You can buy both the Isle of Paradise Mister and refill pouches online at Boots