This interior trend can add over £300,000 to the value of your house

If we’ve learnt anything from the slew of property buying and selling TV shows we’ve been gifted with over the years, it’s that house buying is all about location, location, location… and natural light.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that, but there’s another often forgotten element that can potentially add huge value to your house and that’s your interior design choices. In fact, there’s one interior trend in particular that can add over £300,000 to your house’s value.

Scandinavian style living room
Getty images analysed 10 of the most popular interior decor styles and hundreds of house prices on Zoopla to determine which interior design style adds the most value to you’re home. Basically, if you’re thinking of moving and/or redecorating soon, you’re going to want to listen up before you grab the closest paintbrush and toolbox.

After analysing hundreds of house prices in England, Bankrate found that Scandinavian styled homes are valued at £340,224 more than the average UK house, making it the number one interior trend for increasing house value. Scandinavian style is a popular trend for interior design of late – clean lines, light tones, natural textures and minimalist decor lend themselves to creating bright, breathable and airy spaces.

Scandinavian style dining
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Houses with Scandinavian decor had an average listed price of £572,079; that’s £340,224 higher than the current average UK house price, which is currently £231,855. It seems IKEA’s presence in the UK has been having an effect on all of us.

Scandinavian style bedroom
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Coming in second place is farmhouse style – decorating your house with an old country farmhouse vibe (whether it is one or not), can add £289,543 to the value of your property.

Third place went to rustic design, which can increase your house price to approximately £516, 952 – £285,097 above the country’s average.

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Interestingly, the often celebrity-favoured minimalist take on interior design came in at 8th place – still adding a rise of £220,594 to house prices, but coming in after bohemian, vintage, contemporary and mid-century modern.

Scandinavian style kitchen
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Industrial came 9th and traditional 10th. Bankrate also looked at some less common design tastes with surprising results – gothic style can add £114,141 above the national average, Japanese £97,935 and shabby chic £43,939.

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