The interior design mistakes that make your home look cheap

There are a lot of styles and trends to choose from when thinking about the direction you want to take with the interior design in your home. And of course, a lot of it is subjective, depending on your own taste, style and personality – as the saying goes, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

interior design mistakes
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However there are certain things that most interiors experts will agree are best avoided if you’re interested in your home looking aesthetically pleasing, on-trend and expert-approved.


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TikTok star and interior design student @interiorbykrish, who has 93,000 followers on the platform, has released a series of videos detailing the interior design mistakes that make a home look cheap. The videos have now gone viral, with each one racking up millions of views as people are desperate to know whether they have fallen victim to any of these interior design faux pas.

Of course, your home is your home and you can fill it with whatever makes you happy, but here are all of the things Krish listed as the interior design mistakes that make a home look cheap. Do you agree?

  1. Thin rugs
  2. Exposed radiators
  3. Mass produced artwork
  4. Short curtains
  5. Flat cushions
  6. Fake plants
  7. Bed in the corner of the room
  8. Popcorn ceilings/walls
  9. Patterned carpet
  10. Crushed diamond mirror furniture
  11. Small rugs
  12. Bright coloured walls
  13. Bulky sofas/recliners
  14. IKEA drawers
  15. Kids artworks on the walls
  16. White UPVC doors
  17. Cluttered worktops
  18. Exposed washing machines
  19. Wall stickers
  20. Crushed velvet furniture
  21. Roller blinds
  22. White plastic showers
  23.  Fridge clutter
  24. Patterned duvet covers
  25. Over the door coat hangers
  26. Clutter on open shelves
  27. Canvas artwork

Things that make your house look CHEAP ❌ #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interiordecor #interiors #homedecor #home #roomdecor

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We asked YOU’s interiors editor Nicole Gray whether these truly are interior design mistakes and whether Krish’s advice is worth following.

In response to the point on exposed radiators (something many of can’t avoid due to living in rented property or just the fact that replacing your heating system is a costly exercise), she said: ‘Don’t rip out your existing radiators. Paint them instead. Painting bulky squares of white such as radiators in the same shade as your walls will give a seamless feel to a space and hide them from view in style.’

On small rugs, she said: ‘Whilst a singular small rug can draw attention to the compact nature of a room, layering several small rugs together will add instant texture and depth to a decorating scheme. Cleverly positioning smaller rugs in front of larger pieces of furniture such as sofas or footstools, instead of underneath so that there is a narrow strip of floor showing, will also make the room appear lighter and more spacious.’


Things that make your house look CHEAP ❌ #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #interiordesign #interiordesigner #homedecor #interiors #homedecor #interiordecor

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

When it comes to brightly coloured walls, Nicole suggests the following: ‘While an entire room plastered in a vibrant paint shade can date a space quickly, an accent wall or ceiling will look curated and stand the test of time. Try painting a single wall in an eye-catching colour behind a sofa or bed as this will be less distracting to the eye, while also creating a fun focal point when you walk into the room.’

And lastly, Nicole has no problem with patterned duvet covers: ‘There is nothing wrong with being partial to patterned bedding. The trick is to off-set it with plain block colours in the form of cushions and throws for a layered approach. Opt for versatile and timeless shades such as pale pinks, soft greys and creams that will work with most decorating schemes.’