Instant home makeovers: How to sparkle and shine by Mrs Hinch

Cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe shares her inside inspo for making every room look like new. 

Photo: Rachell Smith.

1. Break spring cleaning down into manageable sized chunks for each room. I am a big fan of the clockwise clean. Start to your left of the doorway and work your way round the room, cleaning, dusting and polishing as you go. Before you know it, you will end up where you started and the room will look revitalised.

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2. Free up space in your drawers and cupboards by checking for expiry dates on skincare, makeup and medicine. Throw out, donate or pass along anything that is out of date or that you don’t use any more. Try to tackle one drawer or cupboard per day to keep things neat.

3. Keep your curtains’ pleats perfect all year round with simple pipe insulation. I buy mine from eBay. Cut the piping into ten even pieces and thread one through the eyelet between each pleat. You can also use saved toilet roll tubes. 

4. Give often overlooked items, such as ceiling lights and fabric shades a quick spruce up. Use a gentle handheld vacuum for lamp shades and a dry brush for ceiling lights to get rid of dust build-up. 

Bauer Media Group / Maree Homer

5. An effective way to get rid of tough marks on cooking appliances and hobs is to use a non-abrasive paste and a non-scratch scrubber. For those burnt on stains, a scraping tool is very useful. 

6. It sounds small, but spraying cushion covers, bedlinen and upholstery with an odour eliminating product such as Febreze in between washes will keep them feeling and smelling fresher for longer. 

7. Keep mirrors streak free with a spot of white wine vinegar and a paper towel. Scrub until streaks are removed. Good as new.

8. Skirting boards are a magnet for dust, and will build up over time. Clean them regularly with a damp sponge (dry cloths and sponges reallocate dust to another spot) and use an old paint brush to get into any awkward nooks. 


9. Whether you have a patio, garden or balcony area, jet wash the paving once a year and wipe any outdoor furniture down with a damp cloth. You can use a jet wash on the lowest setting or your hose to rinse and take the worst of the winter debris off before using a cream cleaner to scrub away grime.

10. Keep carpets and rugs fuzz-free by running a dry squeegee over the surface to lift out dust and hair that would otherwise be compressed by the hoover. It’s also handy for getting into those hard-to-reach areas such as corners on the stairs and around the carpet edges. 

11. The sofa is the heart of the living room so give it a new lease of life by running a lint roller or body brush over the upholstery and cushion covers to pick up any loose hairs. For those parts of your sofa which are not machine washable, use a white cloth (it must be white to avoid any colour transfer) dipped in a large bowl of warm water mixed with your upholstery cleaner of choice. Leave out to dry and reassemble. 

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12. Save on floor, surface and cupboard space by clipping hooks on the inside of cupboard doors. Use these to hang everything from cloths to bin bags. I also like to group my cleaning products in baskets by how often I use them such as ‘daily’ weekly’ etc, so that I can keep the most frequently used items to hand. 

13. Store bedlinen sets in the matching pillow case to save on cupboard space and keep sets neatly in one place. No more missing pillowcases.

14. Trays are a decorative way to display favourite pieces in one place while keeping the area looking organised. Mirrored trays bounce light around. 

15. In the bathroom transfer things like cotton pads and buds from supermarket containers into glass jars. Not only will necessities be more to hand, but the glass jars will instantly make the countertop look less cluttered and more sophisticated. 

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