Instant home makeovers: How to revive your space by Chrissie Rucker

Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company, shares her fail-safe updates that take minutes to do. 

1. Pick a peaceful palette

Bring a sense of space and spa-like calm with soft colours.

2. Switch to seasonal scents

Scented candles add an extra ‘layer’ to a room and don’t have to be costly. Choose fresh and floral fragrances for spring.

3. Experiment with lighting

Dimmer switches and the use of lamps, as well as wall lights or lanterns, create soft layers of light while adding cosiness and preventing a room from feeling too flat, bright or sterile. A variety of lighting options such as table, floor and wall lights will change the atmosphere in a room throughout the day.

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4. Play with displays.

Use the mantelpiece as an evolving gallery wall. Try leaning artworks and showcasing greenery.

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5. Make the practical pretty

A throw will keep you warm and protects your sofa from pets and kids.

6. Be your own curator

Pull together small groups of art, ceramics, textured bowls, photos and greenery to create focal points throughout the home.

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7. Personalise your pictures

Create a memory wall to display your favourite artwork and mementos so you smile every time you pass.

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8. Dress up dinner

A simple recipe of softly printed table linen, a textured placemat and a lovely napkin will make the moment feel more special.

9. Don’t weigh down a room with lots of furniture

Instead, make the furniture you already have work harder. Use ottomans as an additional table surface, storage or seating, and invest in a bed with pullout drawers to save on cupboard space. It will immediately make a room feel and look more spacious.

10. Improve your shelf-image

Change and rearrange the items on a shelf when cleaning to create a new look for a free room refresh.

11. Mix scale and texture

Combining taller with smaller always works. For example, different sizes of frames on a photo wall or tall candle holders with lower tea lights. I love to mix in natural texture too: a crisp, clean piece of glassware always looks great combined with something more natural or rustic.

12. Go for a subtle swapover 

Switching cushion covers seasonally, from velvet in winter to linen in spring, is a small change that brings big results.

13. Freshen up a space by bringing the outside in

When it comes to flowers on the table, I like the arrangement to be super simple. Sometimes I only use sprigs of greenery, grasses or even branches in vases. Just remember to be bold – oversized stems will always bring a sense of grandeur to a scheme.

14. Display everyday pieces

Neat piles of plates and dishes are inviting to the eye and save on storage space. Group similar items and colours for cohesion.

15. Showcase your favourite pieces

Break up a room full of fitted cupboards by displaying neat piles of your most treasured items on shelves or in a glass display cabinet. They are inviting to the eye and save on essential cupboard space too.

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16. Simplify your storage

Create the feel of a larder with a simple set of open shelves and clear storage jars.

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17. Rethink your bedroom

Stand at the door and look around. Is there some simple greenery or a good-looking water jug? These touches help you feel more relaxed.

18. Luxe your linen 

Channel hotel vibes with fresh, breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton with tactile textures.

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19. Don’t overlook the smallest details

Stylish tea towels and chopping boards will immediately add warmth to a space and make cooking feel more exciting.

20. Pack in a pop-up office

Create an instant home office area with a pinboard, a few inspiring images and a comfy chair. It will make a huge difference to creativity levels without taking up much space. I currently have three big baskets hidden behind a sofa that I use as a stylish and accessible filing system.