This ‘overnight facial’ night cream had a waiting list of thousands

If you’ve ever fantasised about suddenly waking up with the skin of your dreams, the new Instant Effects PM Recovery night cream needs to be on your radar.

The launch, from the same brand that brought you the cult serum that reduces fine lines in just 10 minutes, is bringing a new meaning to the saying ‘beauty sleep’ and promises to revitalise even the dullest and most drained of complexions overnight.

Instant Effects PM recovery
Instant Effects

Used in place of your usual night cream, PM Recovery claims to physically de-age the skin to act 10 years younger, and reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles by 36 per cent in four weeks.

And they’re claims that fans of the brand certainly believe, as the overnight facial in a bottle racked up a waiting list of more than 4,000 people ahead of its launch this week.

Like the line’s much-hyped Deep Line Elixir, which was released last year to a customer frenzy and another waiting list of thousands, PM Recovery uses Instant Effects’ patented OX2® technology, which works by pumping oxygen into the skin, to naturally increase blood flow into areas such as the eyes and fine lines.

‘The technology also helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness which leads to a more luminous and youthful complexion,’ the brand explains.

Instant Effects PM Recovery

Instant Effects PM Recovery, £34.99, Lloyds Pharmacy

Judging from the reviews of its previous releases – even skeptical customers say they are impressed with the results – the new offering could well be worth the £34.99 price tag.

And if you want to take your routine one step further, it can be used in combination with the AM Energiser, a deeply hydrating day cream that’s another recent release from Instant Effects. Apparently, it’s so powerful that it replaces the need for any other serums and primers to prep your skin, which, considering it’s on sale for £29.99, could work out to a rather impressive cost per use…