Need inspiration for your next read? Here are 5 of the best Instagram book clubs

We all know that the books you fall in love with the hardest are often the ones recommended by a friend or a fellow book lover. But even better is an entire community of literature enthusiasts sharing their thoughts on the latest novels, memoirs and non-fiction hits.

Introducing the thriving book community of Instagram.

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From Hollywood stars to regular folk, the past couple of years have seen book lovers around the world come together to create modern day book clubs. Naturally, that means they’re based online rather than in real life – and actually, they’re so much more convenient.

The truth is, while we juggle work, family life and everything else life throws our way, it’s hard to find time to put our feet up, get cosy and curl up with a nice book. So chances of squeezing in a weekly book club appearance on top of that are pretty slim.

Join Instagram book clubs, however, and you won’t have to – instead, you can read, recommend and discuss your favourite books with others from the comfort of your own home.

Here are five of our favourite Instagram book clubs to get you started…

1. Reese’s Book Club

Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon is one of the leading ladies of the Instagram book world. Her account, Reese’s Book Club, is described as ‘a community celebrating women’s stories’ and each month, she picks a book after which followers are encouraged to engage in an open discussion in the comments.

2. Our Shared Shelf

Our Shared Shelf is a popular book club founded by Emma Watson and just as you’d expect from the queen of modern day feminise, it aims to encourage and inspire women to share their inter-sectional wisdom by reading and discussing a feminist book every month. She then posts some questions to create an open discussion among club members (and sometimes the authors too) where they can reflect on the book of the month and share their thoughts.

3. Pure Wow Book Club

Each month, Pure Wow book club invites a different ‘public figure’ to host their book club by recommending a new title. They then share small extracts and quotes from the book throughout the month and allow members to discuss it with the use of a hashtag. Oh, and make sure you look out for their weekly book giveaways very Wednesday.

4. Ladies Lit Squad

Unlike the others, Ladies Lit Club is in fact a real life book club where members organise meet ups. However, for those who can’t be there, they make recommendations and create discussions around their current books via Instagram.

5. Belletrist

Founded by yet another famous Emma (this time it’s Roberts) and pal Karen Preiss, Belletrist encourages members to ‘discover, read and celebrate a new book every month’ chosen by them. They also have a blog where they offer discounts on books and merchandise, and interviews with different authors.