Fashion director Shelly Vella in the green room with Away That Day

Each week we celebrate a brand committed to implementing practices that won’t cost the earth whilst still delivering beautiful, timeless pieces. This week we are getting ready to hit the beach with Away That Day.

Like most women I find shopping for swimwear trauma enough and that’s without even adding the question of sustainability into the equation. However, with more and more emphasis being placed on caring for our oceans and addressing the surfeit of disposable plastic, it’s a no brainer to seek out swimwear labels that seek to deliver on long-wearing, practical and eco-solutions. Away That Day does just that, creating beautiful, chic bikinis and one pieces from regenerated ocean plastic, recycled PE bottles and naturally eco-friendly fibres.

Away That Day
Away That Day

Rio Red Top, £59 // Rio Red Bottoms, £55

Why do I love Away That Day? This is a brand that loves women’s bodies, because let’s face it, a curvy size 10 looks very different in a bikini than a curvy size 16, so cut really matters and founder Ingemae has thought this all through in her designs. You can choose the style of your bikini bottoms and tops, then mix and match styles and colours. It’s the modern way to shop swimwear and it feels luxuriously bespoke.

Away That Day
Away That Day

Palma Turquoise Top, £85 // Florence Turquoise Bottom, £69 (both launching soon)

I asked Ingemae Kotze, the founder and designer of Away That Day, about the brand…

What is the story behind Away That Day?

It started when I was on the hunt for eco-friendly swimwear that looked and felt amazing. So it became my mission to prove that sustainability didn’t have to compromise ‘sexy’, and after three years of research, Away That Day was born. I was traveling frequently so would more often than not reply with ‘Sorry, I’m away that day’… And it stuck! For me those three little words represented summer, freedom and where I got most of my design inspiration from for my first collection.

Away That Day
Away That Day

Rio Black Top, £59 // Rio Black Bottoms, £55

Three words that sum up Away That Day?

Sustainable, stylish, timeless.

What does sustainable mean to you?

Sustainability to me means living a life where I make conscious decisions on a daily basis to be more responsible and kinder to the planet.

Away That Day
Away That Day

Tahiti Red Bottoms, £69 // (top launching soon)

What sustainable, eco-conscious processes do you have in place?

Some really exciting things launching in 2021 include our partnership with Canopy to ensure all of our suppliers continue to source responsibly; a new ‘Recycle your swim’ initiative where anyone can send us their old no-longer-worn swimwear to be recycled into new sustainable materials and the option for our customers to completely offset their carbon emissions. We also recently moved our entire production from Bali to London which was a huge step in becoming a greener company and ensuring ethical and quality standards remain a priority.

Away That Day
Away That Day

What are your brand highlights?

Our Vogue feature was a big ‘pinch me’ moment! We also have an incredibly exciting design collaboration launching in June with stylist and influencer Bettina Looney.

What are your best-selling pieces?

The Rio set and Palma top are always a customer favourite!

Shelly’s picks

turquoise bikini top

Tahiti Top – turquoise, £69 (launching soon)

turquoise bikini bottoms

Fiji Bottom – turquoise, £55 (launching soon)

white bikini top

Palma Top – ivory, £85 (launching soon)

white bikini bottoms

Florence bottom – ivory, £69 (launching soon)

red bikini top

Rio Top – red, £59

red bikini bottoms

Rio Bottom – red, £55

black bikini top

Tahiti Top – black, £69 (launching soon)

black bikini bottoms

Tahiti Bottom – Black, £69

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