You can get a real IKEA Christmas tree for just £9 this year

Planning on investing in a real Christmas tree this year? Good news: IKEA has confirmed that it’s bringing back its annual Christmas tree offer for the tenth year running, meaning that you can dress your home for the festive season without breaking the bank.

Here’s how it works: you must buy the ABIES NORDMANNIANA Christmas tree, which has a retail value of £29, and will be available from 22 November. Once you’ve made your purchase, IKEA will reward you with a £20 voucher to redeem in-store – leaving you technically having spent just £9 on the tree itself.

IKEA Christmas tree

Loyal IKEA Christmas customers will note that in previous years you’ve been able to get your hands on a fir for a fiver, so there has been a price jump in the past couple of years. However, you’ll still struggle to find a cheaper real tree on the market elsewhere.

Terms and conditions, of course, apply – the voucher cannot be used against the tree, so you do have to put in £29 upfront to get the £20 back. Plus, speaking of the voucher, you can only exchange it for £20-worth of IKEA items of your choosing in-store between 10 January to 13 February 2022 (excluding food, so don’t go getting any ideas about a meatball feast).

IKEA Christmas tree

Anna Liakh, Commercial Activities Leader for IKEA UK and Ireland, said: ‘Over the festive season, a beautifully decorated tree can become a focal point of any space. We’re really happy to be bringing back IKEA’s real Christmas trees for another year, offering affordable, high-quality trees for customers to enjoy. With the added bonus of a £20 voucher to spend in the New Year across our range of homewares in-store, we hope to spread the festive cheer for a few more months to come!’

IKEA encourages customers to recycle their tree in the New Year. You can either recycle the tree yourself if you have composting facilities, or simply hand it over to the local community to ensure it’s responsibly disposed of.

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