4 interiors trends that are going to be everywhere this autumn

Every season IKEA unveils the four key home trends that it predicts will be ‘the look’ that we’ll all soon be channelling in our decor.

This autumn is no exception – and given most of us have at least a bit of IKEA in our homes, then you’ll be seeing these styles pretty much everywhere over the next few months…

Rich Pigments

EKEDALEN table, £250. EKEDALEN chair, £50. LENDA fabric, £4/m. VILJESTARK vase, 50p

Dark and moody colour schemes are where it’s at: rich burgundy, navy blue, olive green.
Sophisticated and sumptuous, but you don’t necessarily have to commit to painting your walls; instead, use textiles to bring in these deeper tones.

The little touches: A navy VÄGMÅLLA throw, £13
The investment buy: The grand STRANDMON wing chair in dark Tallmyra green, £199. Or the trust BILLY bookcase in a new dark red shade, £95.

Winter Warmer

L-R: YPPERLIG table, £35. INGABRITTA throw, £25. HEKTAR floor lamp, £39. FLOTTEBO sofa-bed, £525. OTTAVA pendant lamp, £35. PINNIG bench + storage, £40.  FÖRÄDLA serving stand, £16. BERNHARDINA throw, £25. KALLAX shelves, £55.

A softer, more feminine take on the serene Scandi look with a palette of grey and dusky pink, with accents of brass. Layer tactile textures – faux furs, chunky knit throws and pouffes – to create a place to snuggle against the cold outside.

The little touches: TRILLING poster set, £7. For the dining room TILLAGD, 24-piece cutlery set in brass-gold, £40.
The investment buy: A chic FLOTTEBO sofa-bed in dark grey, £525.

Bold Sustainability

L-R: VINTERGATA, pendant lamp, £25. AGEN chair, £35. VENDLA cushion cover, £4.50. INDUSTRIELL, table, £300. JOHANNE throw, £25. NÖDEBO, rug, £250. ODGER, chair, £65

As we all become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our lifestyles, homewares, furniture and fabrics made from eco-friendly materials will be very popular. It’s all about creating stylish spaces (banish thoughts of hippy hemp and incense) that are eco-conscious.

The little touches: Monochrome SKÄGGÖRT cushion cover made with 100% sustainable cotton £3.50.Renewable rattan and bamboo AGEN chair, £35
The investment buy: SKOGSTA dining table made from sustainable acacia wood, £350

New Age Folk

L-R: ALSEDA floor stool, £25. BAROMETER lamp, £30. BURVIK, side table, £27. FRANSINE cushion cover, £10. FÖREMÅL cylindrical cushion, £13 MALSJÖ, glass-door cabinets, £250-295

This trend encompasses a combination of rich earthy tones along with patterns and motifs from traditional folk culture, and designs from the 18th and 19th century. It’s warm and cosy, with lots and lots of accessories on display.

The little touches: A rustic terracotta INDUSTRIELL vase, £18
The investment buy: Handwoven rattan and ash GRÖNADAL rocking-chair, £150. Perfect on a handwoven PERSISK KELIM TEKKEH rug, crafted my artisans, £300