Using this product will dry your hair in half the time

When cult styling brand IGK Hair landed on UK shores earlier this year, beauty editors and shoppers alike rejoiced at the arrival of their raved about products. Now, there’s a new reason to get excited, as they’ve launched a brand new spray that’s about to change your blow-drying regime for good.

No More Blow (£25) is a revolutionary can of goodness that promises to reduce your hair’s air-drying time by up to 46% – particularly useful in the summer, when the last thing we want is the heat of a hairdryer blasting at our already flushed faces.

Although adding extra product to already wet hair may seem counterproductive, but IGK No More Blow is not a liquid – instead, it’s comprised of lightweight starches and ‘advanced flash cooling technology’, which reduce moisture without the aid of any electronics.

IGK No More Blow
Space NK

No More Blow Air Dry Spray, £25, Space NK

‘So many of our clients complain about the length of time it takes to air-dry and about the results of it not looking the way they want. No More Blow dries hair in nearly half the time,’ Franck Izquierdo, co-founder of the brand, told Allure magazine of their latest launch.

‘It works on all hair types but we are finding that it works especially great on curls, coils, and waves because that consumer is already air drying and it generally takes longer, so this product has been really game-changing for that client.’

To use the product effectively, you simply apply it to freshly washed, conditioned air and let it work its magic. Comb through from root to tip to ensure every strand is coated evenly, and twist and scrunch if you have a natural curl.

And the added bonus? Once you’ve used the product, you’re also at less risk of the breakages that can be done when it’s wet and fragile, and cutting down on potential heat damage. Fast-drying hair that’s even healthier? Sign us up and spray it on.