Creme Egg fans will lose their minds over this Iceland dessert

Forget Marmite – there are few greater food-based divisions than the split between those who would happily swim in a sea of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, and people who think they are a sugary, gooey nightmare.

If you belong firmly in the former camp, then Easter is a wonderful time of year for you, when Creme Eggs really come into their own. Now, Iceland has taken that to new extremes, with a dessert it describes as the ‘ultimate crowd-pleaser’.

iceland creme egg dessert

Behold: the Cadbury Creme Egg Dessert. This astonishing creation is made up of delicious white chocolate mousse and iconic Crème Egg fondant centre, encased inside a massive Cadbury’s chocolate shell.

The £6 Easter treat will be arriving at Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores at the end of this week, where we imagine it will sell pretty well!

iceland creme egg dessert

Andrew Staniland, Trading Director of Frozen at Iceland, said: ’This is the perfect sharing dessert that is guaranteed to wow, as families get back round the table together to celebrate Easter. Cadbury’s is an iconic brand and we know that our customers will absolutely love this exclusive range.’

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