This clever trick could mean that you’ll ‘never have to iron your clothes again’

Ironing is the bane of many a household chore list. In fact, in a survey conducted in 2017, it was revealed to be the task that Brits hate the most, with more than half of the country saying that they ‘seriously dislike’ the process.

Up until now, ironing was something of a necessary evil for delicate items like shirts – but now a new trick has come to light that means you might just be able to avoid it altogether.

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Apparently, all you need to do is pop a couple of ice cubes in your tumble dryer with the item you want to dewrinkle, and run it on a hot setting for a few minutes. Those who’ve tried the trick say that the steam that’s created as the cubes melt in the warm environment helps to leave garments crumple-free and ready to wear, with no extra steps required.

However, the technique does come with a word of warning not to overfill the dryer with too many items – including one or two items only is said to get the best results, so it could cost prove a costly solution if you’re running more loads than normal to get the creases out.

There are many YouTube videos showing you how to use the hack, including one from the channel HelloIAmBear, which explains the 60 second process with the help of an enthusiastic teddy.

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In the clip, you can see the transformation happening on a pair of chinos that have been tossed in the dryer with the cubes. After just a short speed dry spin, the trousers come out of the machine looking like they’ve been freshly pressed.

Other solutions suggested by online users to avoid ironing include hanging an outfit in the bathroom while you shower, and hanging up items as soon as they’ve been in the dryer, ice cubes included or not.

All of the tricks are either free to try at home – so if you hate ironing as much as the rest of the country, it can’t hurt to give them a go…