How to use purple to decorate your home

Head of colour at Lick Paints, Natasha Bradley gives us the low-down on using purple in your home.

Very Peri was chosen as Pantone’s 2022 colour of the year, encompassing the qualities of the blues with a violet-red undertone. So how do we decorate with purple?

very peri

Interiors Coordinator, Charlotte Page (@stylingyourhome) chats to Natasha about how to incorporate purple into the home, whether it be bold or simply subtle.

Pantone’s purple hue, Very Peri has been created with modernism in mind, what is your take on the colour?

Purple is much like marmite – you either love it or hate it. However, I am excited about how this colour is going to influence interiors and fashion.

how to decorate with purple

What advice can you give to someone wanting to inject a delicate drizzle of purple into the home?

The way I approach every interior challenge is with the ‘red thread’ theory – which is how we ensure our home is in sync. When adding a new colour to your home, you want to ensure that you aren’t just adding it to one space, especially with strong colours like purple. Using the ‘red thread’ theory means that you can ensure all your rooms link together. For example, you could start by adding an amazing Very Peri vase or lampshade to your hallway, as your eye travels through your home onto the living, you can think about adding some cushions to your sofa in printed lilac and then onto the kitchen where you can place some gorgeous purple flowers. As long as you ensure that the red link (the shades of purple) are throughout your home then any colour can feel right in a space.

how to decorate with purple

For the bolder, how can they transform their space on a much grander scale with purple?

If you are going to go bolder then you need to make sure that you are bringing a balance to the palette. Purple looks fantastic with earthy tones like dusky pinks, earthy reds or greens due to its red undertones, so bringing in an earthier scheme with lots of green plants really compliments purple.

A top tip, there is only one space that I would avoid being too bold with this colour and that’s the kitchen – due to its blue nature, purple and blues can suppress the appetite so it’s best to avoid too much of this in your kitchen.

A home office however, is the perfect space for these tones as they are mentally stimulating and calming colours for a space you need to concentrate in! Finally, if you want to go really bold, then try painting your ceiling. This is a really beautiful and unique way of bringing a statement ‘wall’ to your home. Pair this with gorgeous neutral walls and accessories to complete the look.

Are there any other ways with paint that you could see the colour purple working within the home? Or even in the garden?

An easy and cost effective way to bring elements of the colour purple to your home is through your plants, think Lavender and Wisteria trickling around your doorway or falling down your garden fence, or go bold and paint your front door in a pretty shade of lilac!

Another great way is through your outdoor furniture, at Lick we offer fantastic exterior paints which are perfect for upcycling your furniture ahead of spring!

how to decorate with purple

For anyone not feeling confident about the injection of a purple colour, what would you say to them?

My best advice for someone who doesn’t feel confident enough with the colour is to avoid it – controversial as that might sound, people need to decorate for them. Your home is your home and you need to choose what you love, not what is trending because at the end of the day – you have to live with it!

However, if you want to build your confidence solely with stronger colours like purple, the best way is to inject small amounts. Try adding lilac cushions that can easily and inexpensively be changed if you end up not liking i, or try coloured candles as these are often cheap to purchase and can be switched out if you want to change colours. This way you are trapped by the commitment of a permanent colour on your walls. At the end of the day, colour is supposed to be fun so experiment and find joy in decorating with the colours you love!


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