Crystal combining: How to use crystals to rock your world

Whether you want to prioritise your health or cultivate love, there’s a mix of crystals that can help. Combining crystals supercharges their energy, making it easier to achieve your goal. Here are some of the most common areas of life that people wish to transform: use the crystal combination and daily practice prescribed – and you will see results.

How to use crystals
Zoe Barker

Boost your energy

When you feel low in energy, it is your body’s way of getting your attention. These crystals help you move from exhaustion to restoration.

BLOODSTONE gets your blood pumping by encouraging you to get up and move.

GARNET reinvigorates your passion for life.

MALACHITE helps you shake off the behaviours that are holding you back.

RED JASPER pushes you to conquer procrastination.

1. Hold your crystals and say, ‘I am energised’ three times.

2. Grab two pieces of paper. Put your crystals in front of you and set a timer for three minutes.

3. On one sheet of paper, write down everything that depletes you. After the timer goes off, read it back.

4. Set the timer for another three minutes. On the other piece of paper, write down solutions to improve your energy level. Is there a way you can shift your schedule around? Can you go to bed earlier?

5. When the timer goes off, circle one thing you can take action on today.

6. Carry your bloodstone in your bra or pocket throughout the day to boost energy.

Feel more confident

Feeling confident is being secure in who you are: you stand proudly, recognise your abilities and appreciate the characteristics that make you you. Use this combination to bring confidence to everything you do.

CARNELIAN encourages you to act with certainty.

CITRINE helps you lighten up on self-criticism

GARNET fills you with passion – when you feel excited, you exude confidence.

LAPIS LAZULI empowers you to lead with conviction and self-assurance.

RHODOCHROSITE teaches you to value yourself.

1. Hold your crystals and say, ‘I am confident’ three times.

2. Lie down and place your crystals accordingly: garnet over your pelvic bone; carnelian below your belly button; citrine one inch above your belly button; rhodochrosite over your heart; lapis lazuli on your forehead.

3. Close your eyes. Clear your mind.

4. Touch your garnet with your dominant hand and say, ‘I am confident’.

5. Repeat step four with the carnelian, then citrine, rhodochrosite, and finally lapis lazuli.

6. Lie with the crystals on your body for 11 minutes.

7. Carry your carnelian during the day as a reminder of your intention.

How to use crystals
Zoe Barker

Relight your love life

Love brings happiness, joy and intimacy – but first you have to be open to it. These crystals encourage you to put down your phone and connect, and help you to resolve arguments with less drama.

CHRYSOPRASE reminds you to be more present.

GOLDEN HEALER QUARTZ allows you to stay in control of your emotions during arguments.

RHODONITE reminds you to embrace a forgiving nature.

SUNSTONE reduces your inhibitions and enhances your sex life.

1. In your bedroom, hold rhodonite and sunstone in your hands, and have your partner hold chrysoprase and golden healer in theirs. Say together, ‘I love you unconditionally’ six times.

2. Place your sunstone on your bedside table.

3. Sit face-to-face and place the golden healer quartz between you.

4. Take turns sharing three things that you each love and appreciate about the other.

5. Give each other a long hug. Place the crystals on your dressing table or chest of drawers.

Heal your heartbreak

These two crystals will help you detach from a person and relationship and grieve the loss of love, a necessary part of the healing process.

BLACK KYANITE helps you cut away a toxic person.

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN brings up negative emotions so you can release them and move forward

1. Hold your crystals and say nine times, ‘I release all the heaviness within my heart. I will heal from this.’

2. Take a pen and piece of paper. Holding your black kyanite in your non-writing hand, write down your fear, anger, sorrow, frustration – any emotions that come up. Get them out and on to the paper.

3. When you’re finished, rip up the paper and throw it away.

4. With your black kyanite in your dominant hand, move your crystal in a slicing motion approximately five inches in front of your heart and cut away the hurtful emotions. Do this three times.

5. Lie on your back and place your rainbow obsidian over your heart. Close your eyes and leave your crystal on your body for 11 minutes. Allow yourself space to process your emotions and grieve.

6. When you’re finished, place your crystals in the sun for four hours to cleanse. (Repeat steps 1 to 6 while you heal from your break-up.

How to use crystals
Zoe Barker

Sleep better

Restful sleep is a key component of your wellbeing on every level – physical, mental and spiritual. These crystals support mindful sleep habits.

AGATE creates balance in your mind, body, spirit and space.

AMETHYST pacifies an overactive mind and emits a strong tranquil vibration.

CELESTITE fills the room with harmonious energy (especially good for children because of its pacifying effects).

LABRADORITE helps you to fall into a deep sleep and tap into your dream state.

SELENITE cleanses your mind and room with gentle, pure energy.

1. Hold your crystals and say, ‘I sleep soundly’ nine times.

2. Place your crystals accordingly: Amethyst and labradorite on your bedside table; selenite underneath your bed; agate underneath your pillow; celestite on the windowsill.

3. Cleanse your crystals once a week.

Release anger

Unresolved anger can disrupt your life, but when you are able to control it, it’s far easier to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. These crystals will help you to release anger responsibly.

ARAGONITE helps to break through resentments and unresolved emotions.

BLACK TOURMALINE absorbs the chaotic and negative energy around you.

HEMATITE grounds you so that you can express yourself. 

SELENITE purifies your mind, so you can see the situation clearly.

1. Hold the crystals and state out loud, ‘I release my anger’ three times.

2. Stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground; place the black tourmaline between your feet. Hold a piece of aragonite and hematite in your right hand, and a piece of aragonite and hematite in your left hand.

3. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths.

4. Picture the person or situation causing your anger standing in front of you. Say whatever it is you want to say. Don’t hold back.

5. Breathe deeply for three to five minutes. Squeeze your crystals and visualise your anger being absorbed into the crystals and the Earth. As you breathe, feel your anger dissipate.

6. When you’re finished, place your aragonite and hematite on the ground next to your black tourmaline.

7. Pick up your selenite and place it over your chest. Visualise bright white light filling up the space where your anger resided. Hold it there for three to five minutes. Feel yourself becoming calmer with each breath.

8. After you’re done, cleanse your crystals to remove any energy they have absorbed. 

How to use crystals
Zoe Barker

Clear your mental block

Many external obstacles are out of your hands, but there are certain blocks to success that you do have control over: your mindset, behavioural patterns, habits. When you’re getting in your own way, this crystal combination will clear your path.

CITRINE encourages you to release the dense, heavy energy that darkens your mood.

PHANTOM QUARTZ inspires you to break through limiting mindsets. 

SMOKY QUARTZ allows you to let go of old energetic baggage.

TIGER’S EYE shifts your perspective when you feel stuck and frustrated.

1. Write down the internal or habitual obstacle you are ready to move past (eg, limiting belief, negative thought pattern, pessimistic mindset).

2. Hold your crystals and say, ‘I remove…’ then state the obstacle you’ve chosen. Repeat eight times.

3. Write down what your life will look like once you move past the obstacle.

4. Write down one action you can take today to begin breaking through that obstacle.

5. Place the citrine, phantom quartz and tiger’s eye on top of the paper.

6. Carry smoky quartz with you daily until you get past your obstacle.

Feel secure

Energetic protection offers you a feeling of security and safety, allowing you to move through the world without being affected by unwanted, low vibrational energy. 

BLACK KYANITE cuts the cords that tie you to other people’s toxic energy.

BLACK TOURMALINE creates a protective energy shield around you.

SELENITE purifies unwanted energy and prevents negative energetic build-up.

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ teaches you to transform what doesn’t serve you into something more positive.

LAPIS LAZULI allows you to step into your power and feel strong and secure.


1. Hold your crystals in both hands and say, ‘I am protected’ three times.

2. Place black tourmaline outside your home or office, either side of any entryway.

3. Place black kyanite, selenite and tourmalinated quartz on the windowsill of any room that needs extra protection.

4. Cleanse your crystals weekly and put them back in place.


1. Hold your crystals in both hands and say, ‘I am protected’ three times.

2. Holding your black kyanite in your dominant hand, use it to draw a circle around your body to set a strong boundary.

3. Carry black tourmaline and lapis lazuli with you throughout the day.

How to use crystals
Zoe Barker

Get rich

Dissolving mental and emotional blocks will free you from financial fear. Use these crystals to set yourself up for wealth.

IOLITE helps you break free of debt. If you consistently spend more than you have, iolite teaches you to make mindful decisions. 

PYRITE attracts wealth, opening you up to new ways to acquire money. 

1. Hold your crystals in both hands and say, ‘Money comes to me easily and effortlessly’.

2. Holding your iolite, ask yourself: how do I self-sabotage my money? What are my limiting beliefs when it comes to money? Be completely honest with yourself.

3. Hold your pyrite and look at it. Ask yourself: if I were to change those behaviours, what could I do today? 

4. Place your stones in your purse or wallet. Every time you pay for something, be reminded of your intention.

Strengthen willpower

Willpower is having the control to do or not do something, even when it’s difficult. With willpower, you have the ability to stay on track with your goals.

BLACK KYANITE helps you cut away any self-sabotaging thoughts.

CITRINE brings light to challenging situations, reminding you to stay positive on your journey.

GARNET inspires you to be passionate about the track you’re on.

TIGER’S EYE gives you the courage to venture into the uncomfortable.

1. Identify what you want to have more willpower with (eg, establishing a new habit).

2. Bring to mind any thoughts, beliefs or actions that hold you back from what you want to achieve.

3. With your black kyanite in your dominant hand, move the crystal in a slicing motion approximately five inches in front of your forehead and cut the thought away three times.

4. Hold your citrine, garnet and tiger’s eye and say, ‘My willpower is strong. For the next 21 days, I will…’ then fill in the blank with what you want to achieve. Repeat two more times.

5. Carry citrine, garnet and tiger’s eye in your pocket. If you feel your willpower weaken, squeeze your crystals.

How to use crystals
Zoe Barker

Be healthier

Maintaining your health, or healing from a health challenge, is a daily commitment, and one that takes a huge amount of physical and mental determination. The following crystals will support your journey.

BLOODSTONE emits a strong vibration that promotes circulation of energy throughout the body.

CLEAR QUARTZ gives you clarity on your health goals. When you visualise your goals, your mind and body can work towards them.

HEMATITE grounds your energy so you can focus on your health.

MALACHITE brings awareness to the choices and patterns that do not serve your wellbeing.

TURQUOISE reminds you to prioritise your health and gets you back on track before you lose control.

1. Hold all the crystals and state your intention, ‘I am healthy’ seven times.

2. Lie on your back and place your crystals accordingly:

HEMATITE over your pubic bone;

BLOODSTONE below your belly button;

MALACHITE  over your heart;

TURQUOISE over your throat;

CLEAR QUARTZ on your forehead in between your eyebrows.

3. Set a timer for five to 11 minutes and breathe deeply. During this time, visualise every cell of your being in radiant health.

How to use crystals
Zoe Barker

How to cleanse your crystals

Crystals work best when they are cleansed because, over time, they absorb and accumulate energy from their environment. It’s recommended that you cleanse a crystal every time you set a new intention, or at least once every 30 days. There are four simple ways to cleanse your crystals…

The sun

Burns off old energy and refills your crystal with vibrancy and light. Place your crystal outside in the light of the sun for four hours or more.

The full moon

This is when the moon is at its brightest, and bathing your crystals under it restores them to their most lustrous form. Place your crystal outside under the light of the full moon for four hours or more.


Breaks up any stuck or stored energy and restores harmony. Download and play the music of Tibetan singing bowls, the om mantra or Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.


Immerse your crystal in the smoke of burning sage for at least 30 seconds. This carries away any low vibrational energy stored in the crystal. 

Heather’s top 10 stones

The happiness booster: Citrine
Citrine helps you choose to be happy. Tuning in to your happiness is like standing in the sun; citrine emits a frequency that connects you with that light, happy feeling and infuses you with joy. When you feel stuck, citrine can shine a light to burn away darkness in your life. It reminds you to tap into your happiness anywhere, anytime.

The stress reliever: Amethyst
Cars honking all around you? Kids screaming? Inbox overflowing? Amethyst reconnects you to calmness, helping you find inner peace. With its relaxing energies, it guides you to turn inward so you can get back to a state of equilibrium, purifying your mind of worry and day-to-day stresses.

The love magnet: Rose Quartz
If your love life has hit the brakes or you’re having trouble connecting with someone, this can help by emitting strong vibrations of love. It fills you with compassion, warmth and tenderness. This stone opens your heart by dissolving any walls you may have placed around it.

The bodyguard: Black Tourmaline
Ever felt someone’s bad mood was contagious, or walked into a room and sensed the lingering effects of a fight? You’re feeling the leftover vibrations from negative energies. Black tourmaline helps you create an energetic force field to prevent ‘bad vibes’ from leaving their impressions on you.

The lucky charm: Aventurine
Luck isn’t a thing you have or don’t have; it’s a mindset. Being lucky requires seizing an opportunity. The positive energy of aventurine helps to remove doubt, encouraging you to say, ‘Yes!’ By staying receptive and open to positive change, aventurine increases your odds of success.

The guiding light: Clear Quartz
For clarity when you feel lost, unsure, foggy and misguided. Clear quartz helps by clearing your mind and bringing to light your authentic desires. Like a spam filter, it will help you scan and delete mental ‘garbage’ so you can zero in on what you truly want. An energetic prescription for 20/20 vision.

The financial adviser: Pyrite
Helps you attract wealth and empowers you to see your worth so that you can manifest more money into your life. Pyrite encourages you to be confident and focused so you are able to create the wealth you desire. Money may not arrive as a pay cheque but in unexpected ways.

The health hero: Turquoise
If taking care of yourself has fallen down your to-do list, this will bring it back to the top. Heal, renew, regenerate; this is the never-ending cycle of turquoise energy. It is a programmable stone that allows you to set specific intentions when you want to create new, healthier habits.

The cheerleader: Labradorite
Labradorite calls on you to embrace your limitless potential and think big. It compels you to recognise your strengths in ways you had underestimated. As a stone of destiny, it stops you concentrating on earlier setbacks and helps if fear of failure is holding you back.

The energy cleanser: Selenite
Like dust, energy builds up when it isn’t cleansed. Selenite helps to wash ‘energetic grime’ from a difficult day, wiping the slate clean. It is a purifier for your environment, clearing darker, heavier energy and flows positive vibes into any room in which it is placed.

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