This genius hack shows how to store and use up leftover wine

It can be hard to know how to give leftovers a new lease of life, especially after Christmas and New Year celebrations. There are only so many turkey sandwiches we can eat! As well as the surplus of food, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve also got a few half-full bottles of wine leftover in the fridge or cupboards.

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It turns out that drinking the wine isn’t your only option to avoid wasting it. Someone on TikTok (aka the source of so many genius hacks) has found a great way to keep wine fresh, so it can be used later.

The simple trick involves pouring the leftover wine into ice cube trays, which then go into the freezer. That’s right, you can even freeze wine to preserve it. Just make sure you check the ice cube tray properly before accidentally adding a wine cube to your glass of water.

The nifty hack was posted from a TikTok account belonging to home and kitchenware brand Swan (@swanbranduk). The woman in the video explains that frozen wine can be used in the future, for cooking things like chilli con carne, pasta sauces, risotto, cottage pie and hearty stews. All you have to do is add the wine ice cube, rather than opening a whole bottle when all you need is a splash.


Leftover wine from Christmas? Save it and FREEZE it! ?? @earthbits #fyp #leftover #christmas2020 #savinghack

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Those who watched the video were left impressed, wondering why they had never tried it before. Although, one funny viewer commented: ‘What is this leftover wine you speak of?’

A fair point!

We’ve got loads of ideas to use up other Christmas leftovers, such as Cauliflower and chilli pasta with sausage or bite-size salmon blinis. Is reducing food waste one of your New Year’s resolutions? Check out these brilliant zero waste recipes, from mixed scrap stir-fry to orange and almond cake.

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