How to stop your makeup sweating off in hot weather

Finally our weather app shows sun, sun, sun, so it’s time for summer dresses and days out without heaving round umbrellas! But with sun comes heat, and with heat comes sweat. There’s nothing worse than perfecting that summer look only to catch a glimpse of a shiny face and smudged makeup as you pass a mirror. So we spoke to the experts for their makeup tips on keeping a summer glow all day and night, with no sign of slippage!

how to not sweat off your makeup

How to stop your makeup sweating off

Keep it simple

Susie Willis from Romilly Wilde tells YOU: ‘Preparing skin for summer is easy when you stick to a simple skincare system. It is all about balance and keeping your skin hydrated, and protecting against more aggressive environmental changes such as humidity or heat.

‘Using a cleanser in the morning will get rid of grime and oil from the night before. Follow with a nourishing SPF to prevent sun damage and then a gorgeous glowing face oil like our  Active Boost Face Oil to keep your skin nourished.  Remember, the sun is good for the soul, and your skin, but only when properly protected!’


how to not sweat off your makeup

It’s the beauty rule that never goes out of fashion, hydrate your body and you hydrate your skin, keeping it looking smooth and balanced. Natalie Opara, founder of the Opretty beauty collection says: ‘You can still look flawless in the summer, no matter how much you sweat! The key to flawless makeup and making it stay put is hydration. If you don’t hydrate your skin before applying your makeup, your skin will draw out the moisture from your makeup, leaving it patchy.

‘And don’t forget to set your look with a hydrating setting mist. This is perfect for a skin-like finish, and makeup that stays put all day.’


Dr Anny Choudry, Aesthetics Physician at Aventus Clinic recommends changing your skincare regime for the summer months, especially in extreme heat.

She says: ‘Nicanamide solution once a day can help regulate sebum and aid with oily skin so is great in the summer months. This can be a great medium to help prep the skin before using a foundation or cosmetics.

‘Sweat-proof makeup can contain harsh chemicals like wax, talc and silicones so I recommend using talc-free mineral makeup in the summer months. It can also help provide an additional barrier with your sunscreen as a lot of mineral makeup contains titanium or zinc oxide. This can help protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.’


Susie Bridgeman-Sutton, beauty specialist at Thunderbird Skin, tells YOU: ‘When it comes to summer makeup, the most important step is to create the perfect base.

‘The best primer will cater to your skincare needs. If you are prone to oily skin, silicone and gel-based primers will leave you with a mattifying texture that helps to absorb heat.’

Naturally, your coverage will become lighter during the warmer month, but always try to seek out a primer that contains SPF protection. And opt for a waterproof concealer which will brighten your complexion without weighing the skin down.

Control shine

how to not sweat off your makeup

To control your shine, set your concealer with a mattifying translucent setting powder, this won’t add any extra colour, and will help to smooth out any creases. This Laura Mercier powder has great glow-enhancing properties. Susie says: ‘As matte products lack in shine, amp up the warmth and dewiness with bronzers and highlighters. Aim for the high points of your face such as your nose, chin, cheeks, and brow bones to catch the light.’

Prep the eyes

Sweat often builds up in the creases of your lids, meaning eye makeup is most at-risk during summer. Susie says: ‘It is vital to prep your eyelids before using a shadow. Ensure your lids are clean and free from dirt or product and add a thin layer of eyeshadow primer on top.’

Set it off

A setting spray is crucial during summer as it will keep oil at bay and mattify any shine from sweat. Susie’s top tip is to carry blotting/rice papers at all times, for an instant fix to oily noses or foreheads!