How to send a birthday card to Captain Tom Moore for his 100th birthday

If you haven’t heard about Captain Tom Moore’s heroic achievement by now, frankly where have you been? The 99-year-old army veteran was set a challenge by his daughter to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday, which is at the end of April. They decided to use the occasion to raise some much-needed money for NHS Charities Together, initially setting their sights on a humble goal of £1000.

Captain Tom Moore
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Tom’s challenge was quickly picked up across social media and news outlets, and by the time he reached the 100th lap of his back garden on 16 April, the BBC and ITV were there to document it. Tom’s dedication to his challenge inspired people everywhere and the current total of money raised so far stands at a hugely impressive £27 million – and that will probably continue to increase as the nonagenarian has committed to continuing his daily garden walks for as long as people keep donating.

The veteran is now considered a national hero by the public and huge efforts have been made to rightfully celebrate his achievement and pay tribute to the man, including immortalising him in a Lego animation and petitions to get him a knighthood.

Now an eight-year-old girl from Tom’s hometown of Keighley in Yorkshire has also been inspired by Tom’s achievement and wants to encourage everyone to wish him a happy birthday in a very special way when the big day arrives at the end of April.

In a video posted to Twitter, Reegan Davies explains the idea behind her project, #MakeACardForTom. She wants everyone to create a birthday card for the soon to be 100-year-old and post a picture of it to social media, using the hashtag #MakeACardForTom and tagging @captaintommoore so he can see all his birthday wishes.

Instead of sending the card in the post, Reegan is asking all card makers and well wishers to donate 50p via Paypal which will be sent on to Tom’s JustGiving fundraising pot.

Kids and adults alike have responded to the challenge in their droves, with hundreds of virtual birthday cards for Tom Moore already created and uploaded to social media.

This will be a birthday to be remembered for so many reasons. Well done Tom, and happy birthday from everyone at team YOU!