These are the most commonly mispronounced foods

We’re very lucky that here in the UK, we’re exposed to a whole range of foods from around the world. Our tastes have certainly come a long way over the years, as we’ve had more access to ingredients and cuisines.

While we may enjoy the flavour of all the different food options, there are some that cause us a bit of hesitation. We’ve all been there – you spot something on the menu or in the supermarket, but you have no idea how to pronounce it.

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To assure you you’re not the only one, a study by language learning marketplace Preply has revealed the most commonly mispronounced foods. The company used a keyword tool to analyse the monthly search volume of how to pronounce certain food names, studying 60 different foods, and then researched their linguistic background to explain exactly how to pronounce each one so you can confidently order whatever you want…

The foods we often say wrong and how to pronounce them correctly

1. Quinoa

Pronounced: Keen-waa

You’d be forgiven for thinking this grain packed full of protein was pronounced ‘kwin-oh-a’, however its South American origin means it’s said ‘keen-waa’.

2. Gyros

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Pronounced: Yee-ros

The Greek background of this dish means the ‘Gy’ is softened to give a ‘yee’ sound.

3. Croissant

Pronounced: Kwa-son

Croissant is pronounced with ‘kwa’ instead of the expected ‘cro’ sound. The French pastry gets its name from its shape – a crescent.

4. Açai

Smoothie bowl
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Pronounced: a-sai

Açai is something that’s come onto our radars recently with the rise of Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls. The berry is actually pronounced ‘a-sai’, as the circumflex on the C means the sound is softened to an S.

5. Gnocchi

Pronounced: No-kee

The G in the Italian potato pasta is silent and the ‘cchi’ at the end of the word sounds like ‘kee’ rather than ‘chee’.

6. Lychee

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Pronounced: Lai-Chee

Americans are much more likely to pronounce this fruit as ‘lee-chee’. However, the British pronunciation ‘lai-chee’ is more popular.

7. Chipotle

Pronounced: chuh-powt-lay

According to its Mexican origins, Chipotle is pronounced ‘tchee-pot-leh’ traditionally but has been Americanised to ‘chuh-powt-lay’.

8. Worcestershire sauce

Pronounced: wu-stuh-shuh

Talk about a tongue twister! This word looks like it has loads of syllables in it, but there’s actually only three: Worce-ster-shire.

9. Pho

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Pronounced: fuh

Most people think this dish is pronounced pho, like toe, so or go. However, the most popularly accepted pronunciation of the Vietnamese soup is in fact ‘fuh’.

10. Jalapeño

Pronounced: Ha-luh-pee-nyow

The Spanish origins of the word mean pronunciation is slightly different to what an English speaker would expect. In Spanish, the letter J is pronounced as a H.

So what other foods have we been saying wrong?

11. Focaccia

Pronounced: Foh-cahtch-ah

12. Bruschetta

Pronounced: Broo-skett-ah

13. Hummus

Pronounced: Homm-us

14. Edamame

Pronounced: Eh-duh-maa-may

15. Paella

Pronounced: Pah-eh-yah

16. Poutine

Pronounced: Poo-tin

17. Poke (bowl)

Pronounced: Po-kay

18. Gyoza

Pronounced: Gee-oh-zuh

19. Prosciutto

Pronounced: Pro-shoo-tow

20. Foie gras

Pronounced: Fwaa-graa

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