TikTok hack shows how to stop a strapless bra from slipping down

We know it feels like there’s a TikTok hack for just about everything these days, but we’ve recently discovered one that will make you more comfortable, confident and have you looking your best. The genius 13 second video reveals how to stop a strapless bra from slipping down and, to be honest, we can’t believe we’ve never thought of it.

strapless bra

If you’ve ever worn a strapless bra before, you’ll probably know all too well the annoying and uncomfortable feeling when it starts moving around and falling down. From personal experience, I’ve only had one strapless bra that didn’t fall down, but it was so tight around the bust I felt like I couldn’t breathe… so far from ideal.

The video suggests actually using the detachable straps of the bra to keep it up, but not in the usual way. Instead, you leave the strap attached at the bottom of one side and bring it across the front to the other side, where you hook it in round the back.


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The video has received over 306.5k likes and 660 comments since it was posted. We should highlight, those with bigger busts have commented that this hack might not work for them.

One TikTok user commented ‘My 38 DDD could never,’ while another said ‘My 38H said: no’.

But, there were plenty of users who found it a great tip and were desperate to try it out. While we were down the rabbit hole of #brahacks, we also found a handy guide for how to hide bra straps when wearing different styles of tops.


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For a halter top, TikTok fashion hack guru carolinafreixa suggests attaching the two straps together, adjusting the lengths and then hooking them around your neck. She then also shows how to transform a regular bra into a strapless one, by simply crisscrossing them over your chest.

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