Edwina Ings-Chambers: At last, a cut that can work for everyone

Why I’m all for this new spin on the classic bob.

One of the best things about the BBC drama The Split (and there are lots of them) has been not just Nicola Walker’s star performance as divorce lawyer Hannah Stern but Hannah’s hair style.

Yes, that short, straightforward but also ultra-flattering bob has me bewitched, bothered and bewildered. And wondering whether this is a route that I – and maybe most women in their 50s – should go down.

The Split BBC

It can be daunting to go for a total hair makeover and to opt for a fringe if you don’t already have one.

But I also know some women who have been inspired and made the leap recently – and found it liberating, like being given a new identity.

‘I absolutely loved this haircut too,’ says Andreas Wild, senior stylist at Larry King hair salon. ‘It’s a very age-appropriate style as it’s young, soft and fresh.

‘It frames the face very nicely but if you don’t feel comfortable having a full thick fringe, opt for a long one and split it at the forehead so it looks more open and adds to the framing. This style would suit many women,’ he confirms. But, in case you’re worried, Andreas adds that ‘this length can be grown out very easily’.

And of course, if you have curly hair this will require more work with products alongside straightening irons for the desired effect.

Renowned hair colourist and stylist Nicola Clarke is also a fan of this cut – though she warns that the fringe element is high maintenance as it could require trimming every couple of weeks.

As for the colour, Nicola says it needn’t be a case of a full head of highlights unless you plan to wear your hair up a lot (in which case you might want colour underneath). Depending on your current shade, you could get away with just hairline and parting or a half-head of colour.


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