Gok Wan says How To Look Good Naked is still ‘important, relevant and celebratory’

How To Look Good Naked was undoubtedly one of the most popular programmes of the early noughties. The show, which ran for four seasons on Channel 4, saw Gok Wan style and celebrate women’s bodies, challenging his participants to show off their best assets in front of the nation, as well as offering accessible fashion tips for the millions watching at home.

The original came to an end in 2008, but now, almost 10 years later, everyone’s favourite ‘fairy Gokmother’ is returning, with a new home on Discovery’s Really channel. Filming has just finished, and Gok says that the series is still as ‘important, relevant and celebratory of every body’ as ever.

In a statement on Instagram, the host added that the episodes he’d been making would air in the spring, telling his followers ‘I hope you love it as much as I have loved making it’.

News of the comeback was first confirmed back in June. ‘I cannot believe it, after all these years it is beyond exciting,’ Gok said at the time in a video shared by the Really Twitter account.

‘If you don’t love your body, if you want to learn how to feel more confident, then Aunty Gok is back to sort it out.’

‘This is wonderful news! It’s about time someone made us feel good about ourselves again ??’ said one happy follower on Instagram, while another wrote: ‘At last! Sign me up!’

‘Oh my!!!! I’m so excited. I *loved* this show,’ recalled a third. ‘Especially the episode of the lady with the scars on her back. I have similar scars, albeit a lot more of them, and that episode went a way to helping me accept that this is the body that I have – even if it’s broken and battered!’

Interestingly, Maverick TV, the production company behind the remake, were searching for single people and pairings of all ages, suggesting there could be a new duo element to 2019’s version.

‘We are looking for real people from all over the UK that need help with building confidence and self-esteem through hairstyling, make up and fashion – free of charge,’ they explained on the submission page for casting entries. ‘In particular, we are looking for pairs of friends, relatives or colleagues who want to transform the way they see themselves, and learn to love the body they’re in!’

How To Look Good Naked
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‘Do you feel as though you’ve lost your spark and would like to get it back? Maybe you feel bad about the way you look and would like to transform your image but don’t know where to start? Is there a part of your body that you feel particularly conscious about? Would you like to build self-confidence and learn to love your body the way it is without the use of cosmetic surgery? If the answer to any of these is yes, we’d love to help!’