An expert reveals how to look after your swimwear so it lasts longer

The Love Island contestants may all look gorgeous, but the show’s presenter Laura Whitmore recently revealed the villa actually stinks (that’s what happens when you lock a bunch of almost-teenagers up together, we guess?) As well as possibly being less than fastidious in washing themselves, we can’t imagine the Love Islanders spend much time standing round the villa sinks rinsing chlorine out of their cossies after a swim – but that’s exactly how to look after swimwear properly, according to an expert.

how to look after swimwear

Lois Siciliano, garment technologist at swimwear retailer Pour Moi, says ‘Shopping for swimwear can be tricky, so when you actually find the bikini or one-piece of your dreams, you’ll want to keep it looking good for as long as you can.’

She has shared her top tips for looking after swimwear in order to boost its longevity – and some of them might surprise you (we’d always though hanging swimwear out in the blazing sunshine would be the best way to dry it, for example!).

Lois recommends:

  • DO wash by hand if you can, especially if they’re underwired
  • DO follow the golden rule: keep them away from fabric softener because it can break down the elastane in the fabric which can lead to permanent damage
  • DO rinse swimwear out thoroughly in warm water immediately after use
  • DO wash by hand using a hand wash detergent as soon as possible
  • DO dry in the shade to prevent the colour from fading
  • DO lay it on a clean towel to dry, as this will mean less stretching
  • DO NOT put swimwear in a plastic bag when wet
  • DO NOT let swimwear stay wet after use as chemicals like chlorine can start to break down the elastane or even cause discolouration on the fabric

Of course, sometimes convenience takes precedence, but it’s worth knowing that prolonged exposure to chlorine or sunshine – plus being left in a damp plastic bag for hours – are not ideal for your most loved bikinis and swimsuits.

We’ll be shaping up our habits this summer for sure!