HOW TO: Dive headfirst into spring with a home reboot

This month, YOU’s Interiors Coordinator Charlotte Page (@stylingyourhome) shows you how to give your home a spring reboot with her top three transformative tips for any space.

We can all agree that this year didn’t get off to the greatest start and if we’re being honest, the last 12 months didn’t go to well either! With a renewed sense of freedom, heading into a new season will never feel quite as good as spring 2021. We have alfresco dining, picnics and BBQ’s to look forward to and it feels like the right time to make some refreshing changes to our homes (‘change’ is certainly something we’re all keen to welcome right now). So, here are my top three transformative, yet simple steps to help you dive headfirst into spring.

Get it gone

With many of us spending much more time at home, let’s shake it up, shake it off and get ready for an exciting few months ahead. Start by giving yourself a tour of your own home (trust me on this one!). Step by step, I want you to consider what in your home you’re still in love with and what you now can’t bare the sight of. Whether it’s a tatty old rug you’ve been tripping over in lockdown that just has to go, a chunky piece of furniture taking up all the room or simply too many decorative accessories. It’s simple. If you don’t love it, get rid of it. Yes you could say that’s a little brutal, but I believe that your home should only be filled with things you regard in the highest esteem.

Natalie McComas for Domino Magazine.

A friend recently told me about an old cabinet she had. She loved it at the time of buying it but since moving house, it just didn’t work in her new space and she felt the dark colour brought the mood down in what should have been a light and airy room. I suggested she should sell it and then with the money, we set about looking for a new one. Instead of buying something brand new she wanted something with character and opted for a pre-owned one instead. Once it had been sanded, waxed, and settled into its new home, it completely rejuvenated the space. A different perspective on a room can give it an entirely new energy.

Tip: Vinterior, Facebook Marketplace, EBay and 1stdibs are my go-to’s for pre-owned/Vintage furniture.

Paint it

One simple way to revive a space, is to give it a new paint job. Be it big or small, a refresh will always bring with it a feeling of awakening and change. Add a splash of colour into your home by painting an interior door, I love this idea.

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux says ‘Painting the inside of a door allows you to integrate it into a decorating scheme perfectly and make the most of its potential. Try the same colour as the wall for a seamless look that will make the room appear bigger, and a lighter, or deeper tone of the wall colour for a subtle layered look. Colours which lie next to each other on the colour wheel like blues and teals create a harmonious look, so paint the walls one and choose the other for the door and if you want something more striking that will make a statement but won’t overwhelm the space, paint just the edge of the door in a wild contrasting colour’.

Left: RAS Arquitetura / Right:

In contrast, if you have neutral tones throughout your home and you’re wondering when they were last updated, Marianne says ‘a spring refresh is all about celebrating the light after a long dark winter and it’s often light fresh colours that make homes look like new again. Choose subtle off whites like Timeless and Icing Sugar, misty morning blues and greens like Drifting Cloud and Shell Stories or warming petal shades like Blossom Tree or Primrose White to capture the essence of everyone’s favourite season this year’.

To find more about these colours head to Dulux 

Freshen up the fabrics

The most effective way to lighten your load on the textile front is to swap the heaviest, darkest materials and replace them with a brighter, softer colour palette; think greens, yellows and pinks. For example, switch out velvet for light linen.

Additionally, adding pattern, prints and a pop of colour can re-imagine a space you’ve gotten so used to seeing through the winter months. 

Piglet In Bed

Somewhere that really deserves attention is your bed. We spend a third of our lives sleeping after all! Jo James, Founder at Bedfolk has a few key pieces of advice, ‘high calibre, natural 100 percent cotton or linen are the perfect ingredients for a cool and comfortable bed. While synthetic sheets containing polyester or poly cotton may be the cheaper option, they are far less breathable which can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. They’re also rough to the touch, susceptible to bobbling and can degrade over time’.

She adds, ‘When it comes to cotton, most people look for high thread counts but what is far more important is the weave – high-quality cotton comes in either a percale or sateen weave and they suit different sleep styles. A percale weave produces a cool and crisp fabric so it’s the ideal choice for warmer months; think super smooth hotel sheets and you’re there’! 

After a few years, you should also think about replacing your bathroom towels. If you normally use darker colours, swap these for either an uplifting colour or a more natural scheme, and switching to a lightweight waffle or cotton towel throughout the warmer months will take up less space, whilst staying modern and fresh.