How to get glowing skin for summer, according to a top facialist

Bright, glowing skin is number one on our beauty wishlist for summer, but how can you achieve it if your complexion is looking less than radiant?

We spoke to Ambra Logan, a top facialist and skin consultant through Get Harley, who shared some excellent tips on getting that much longed for glow.

glowing skin

Top tips for glowing skin

Cleanse well

Good solid skin prep is essential for ‘the glow’ and this always starts with a thorough cleansing routine. So many clients I speak to still think skipping a morning cleanse is ok – it’s not. It doesn’t need to be as intense as your night time ritual, instead a quick, gentle foamy wash, to brighten & refresh is ideal. A cleanser with a low percentage, mild acid, such as lactic, azelaic or a PHA will add a daily mild exfoliating element to your cleanse. A couple of times a week you can even leave your acid cleanser on for a few minutes to supercharge the effects. Don’t have your water too hot when rinsing, it can cause redness and irritation, and try a cold splash of water to finish to really liven things up!

Embrace PHAs

PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) are my go-to for a glowy, plump skin. The molecular size is much bigger than this acid’s better known sister, glycolic, meaning it sits around on the surface, targeting exactly where we need it while hydrating along the way. PHAs are suitable on all skins, even super sensitive. PHA rich, Exuviance Bionic Tonic pads used after cleansing give a plumping, glowy hit to the skin, and a fabulous first layer of hydration.

Layer up

Sandwiching together thin hydrating layers, makes for a more successful glow than slapping on one thick moisturising cream. Light serums and essences can be applied in order of texture: the most watery first, moving to thicker lotions and creams. Add a hydrating serum under your day cream or lotion to nourish the barrier and create a bouncy base for finishing products.

Try tanning drops

We can cheat a summer glow by adding a few tanning drops into your serum, it’s a light subtle way to give a little colour and help even out skin tone. My favourites are Tan Luxe Super Glow drops and Isle of Paradise drops, which come in three tones. Add for a few days in succession until you reach a bronzed hue you are happy with. A tanning mist is also a really subtle way to add a touch of colour, St Tropez facial mist, is totally clear, and undetectable until it softly develops. Both options completely fool proof, but very addictive!!

Pro Tip – Try applying your tanning products with a foundation brush, buffing in well as you go, and adding a touch more on areas you would naturally put your make-up bronzer. This gives a very natural, fresh off the plane, safe tan!

Massage your face

Firm facial massage sends a surge of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and can also create a little lift. Keep your movements in a fast-paced upward motion to give that inner glow. Massage until the cheeks are a little pink, and the skin is warm, not hot. Obviously avoid too much pressure if you suffer with rosacea or redness on the cheeks to stop over-stimulation. Instead try a massage tool such as gua sha, or a cold roller kept in the fridge and sweep over the skin, and hold a few seconds under the eye area before moisturiser or make-up application to take down any residual puffiness and temporarily tighten!

Mix and match

If your usual foundation feels too heavy for your summer look, sheer it out by mixing it together with a little SPF. Apply your SPF as usual to ensure you have correct protection, then add a little more to your foundation 50/50, to give a much softer, sheer look.

You can also add a few drops of illuminator to your SPF or foundation to give maximum glow. A bronzy highlighter concentrating on the cheek-bone area is particularly flattering; try Glossier or Charlotte Tilbury for super creamy textures that blend well, and avoid a heavy ‘glittery’ look.

Stick to creamy textures when using blush, bronzers etc, they will all melt seamlessly into each other.

Pro Tip: Apply a pinky cream blush underneath your base as well as on top, it will glow through as a natural youthful flush. 

glowing skin

Choose the right SPF

Daily wear SPF should be light in texture and invisible when applied to avoid a chalky cast, undoing all your hard work. Some SPFs are tinted, which don’t cover like a foundation, but take out any redness, leaving room for a smidge of concealer where needed and done!!

Look for lotions, fluids or serums and avoid thick creams – keep those for the beach.

Try Ultra Violette Queen Screen for a lovely glowy base and SuperGoop for a totally invisible shield on all tones.

Keep makeup minimal

Using similar tones on lips cheeks & eyes, keep make-up looking effortlessly pulled together. You can use one product to give colour using lip tints on cheeks and eyes, or creamy blushes pressed into the lips. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is a make up artist staple, the original multi tasker!

When keeping the skin very natural and bare make sure, brows & lashes are well groomed and defined. A good brow brush, and hint of colour to fill in any gaps, frame the face, luxing up your natural look.