Dejunk, reclaim, relax: How to declutter your home

Clutter driving you crazy? Give your home a minimalist makeover with multitasking storage solutions to maximise small spaces.

The kitchen

Inger Marie Grini

This design utilises every inch of space by attaching cabinets to the wall and keeping food items such as grains and cereals decoratively decanted into glass jars. The kitchen island is multifunctional, serving as both a prepping station and storage area for dinnerware. For a similar kitchen island with inbuilt storage, try Ikea ( For similar pendant lights, try Original BTC (

Keep kitchen drawers tidy (and put a stop to rattling crockery) with drawer inserts. Dovetail insert, from £400, Massey

Concealed in the tongue-and-groove panelling, this clever cupboard becomes invisible once the doors are closed. If you don’t have a wall deep enough to install one, try Ikea’s corner cabinets with an inbuilt storage carousel (

Beautiful Kitchens/Darren Chung

Save cupboard space by storing staples in jars on shelves. Bespoke kitchen design, price on application, John Lewis of Hungerford, For similar jars, try

Decluttering do’s

1. Own more cookbooks than you’re ever likely to need? Decide which ones you use most, then calculate how much shelf space you can give them. The rest can go to a charity shop.
2. Tackle a clutter hotspot – that bowl, shelf or corner of the table where flyers and bills accumulate
3. Go through your tea towels – most of us have far too many. Keep the best, toss the rest.
4. Chuck out old oils and condiments: many oils (especially nut oils) go rancid quickly and condiments can lose their freshness. Throw away anything past its best.
5. Do a mug edit. Mugs are easy gifts when you’re stumped for what to buy a person. Get rid of any you don’t like.
6. Where possible, remove items from surfaces to a pantry or cupboard. A clear counter top saves time and stress when preparing dinner.
7. Over-the-door hanging storage – with clear plastic pockets – is good for storing herbs and spices so they are easy to find.
8. You need a maximum of ten plastic containers, ranging from teeny tiny to huge. No more.
9. Opt for vertical storage rather than horizontal. Bulletin boards keep paperwork safe, while hooks by the cooker are useful for hanging spatulas and spoons.
10. Start using your ‘good’ china, glasses or cutlery every day. Live your best life now – that’s what streamlining is about.

The living room

This living room makes the most of a narrow space by incorporating a wall storage system with ‘tree-shaped’ sections for stacking books on the diagonal. The coffee table also works as a storage area. Placing artwork against the wall gives greater flexibility and saves on wall space. Preface shelving unit, £4,392,

Shelving trolley, £840, craft bags, £45.50, large planter, from £132, glasses, £8, door mat, £51.50, apron, £23, all For similar tableware, try, for a similar rug, try

Decluttering do’s

1. Start by considering what you mainly use your living room for – is it entertaining, reading or relaxing? This will help you to prioritise your possessions. Remove what is no longer needed.
2. You don’t need 20 cushions on a sofa. Edit them down to a realistic number and donate the rest to the charity shop.
3. Choose furniture that has inbuilt storage, such as console units with shelving, ottomans and footstools with removable tops, or vintage trunks that can double as coffee tables. It will make all the difference.
4. Don’t forget the small things: designate areas for your remote controls, books and magazines. It will make everything easier to navigate.
5. Go through ornaments and photos on mantelpieces. Do you still love them? If not, move them on.

Curate your own collection


From shells found on travels to your child’s first school project, many of us want to keep hold of objects that are dear to us. Ikea’s latest limited-edition range, Sammanhang, celebrates these mementos with a range of open and closed clear storage boxes to create your own bespoke display.


Domes with base, £9 (for a set of 2); boxes, £12 (for a set of 3), and display stand, £18, all

Taken from Declutter: The Get-Real Guide to Creating Calm from Chaos by Debora Robertson, which will be published by Kyle Books on 18 October, price £12.99. To pre-order a copy for £10.39 (a 20 per cent discount) until 21 October, go to or call 0844 571 0640; p&p is free on orders over £15.