HOW TO: Choose the best stationery for you and your desk set-up

This month, YOU’s Interiors Coordinator Charlotte Page (@stylingyourhome) celebrates Stationery Week with Papier; a brand that stays current, offers personalisation and collaborations as well as a stylish line-up of notebooks, greeting cards and diaries.

My obsession with notebooks has never waned. I truly believe that different colours and patterns can be reflective of our mood and so having a variety of notebooks is a must for me. Whether it’s to jot down thoughts and feelings, scribble a to-do list or simply a space to doodle, below I have shared three ways to help you pick the right notebook for you.


Colours that pop

With many of us working from home during lockdown, our desk set-up (whether temporary or permanent) has become more important than ever to keep us motivated. As a result, I, like many people, took solace in the small things.

Molly Park, Papier’s Design Director says, ‘By having colour around and on your desk, it sets the tone for your ‘home office’ environment. Colour can put you in a wide variety of emotions from happy, calm, focused and creative’.


So, are bold, bright and vibrant colours the way to go? Molly elaborates on the impact colour can have on your home and says, ‘Yellow in different hues is definitely a key colour right now. It’s vibrant, energetic and instantly puts a smile on your face!’

Not a fan of yellow? ‘A flush of pink on your desk can energise your imagination and creativity’, Molly adds, ‘Personally, I love terracotta, mustard, rose pink and warm colours to give me a sense of calmness in my busy hectic day. I’m desperate for sunshine hence my colours for productivity have the undertone of a summer glow’.

So depending on what kind of energy you want to create in your office space, don’t be afraid to play around with colours to find what works best for you.


Colours to calm

From spending more time at home we are more aware of our surroundings than ever before, so it’s really important we get our at-home set-up right. If you find the brighter colours or patterns are too much for you, that’s alright. Molly says, ‘Green is the colour of balance, so perfect for planning your days between work and getting back to the new normal. Its presence also conjures thoughts of the natural world and there’s no stronger colour to represent a refreshing new start or the release of new life’.


As well as calming colours, keeping a journal can be very therapeutic. ‘Journaling is an important part of a daily routine. When we are having moments of stress and feel anxious, we just need to slow down our thoughts and reflect on our emotions to understand what we are actually feeling’.

Putting pen to paper gives us clarity and helps us to feel more in control of our own lives, this together can result in a clearer and calmer routine.


Pile on the pattern

If any of the above doesn’t resonate with you and you’re all about making a statement, we have one more recommendation for you.

Molly says, ‘Design is so personal and our taste is unique. We all go through moments of loving pattern and some not. It’s all about what feels right for you and makes you happy when you see the different patterns. Whether it’s a notebook covered in ingredients to celebrate your love of baking, florals for gardening or a repeating pen motif to inspire your inner writer, it’s a fantastic way to bring in your hobbies and interests. Always be carefree and playful choosing the patterns that give you great energy’!

There really are so many ways to express your own personality, Molly finishes with some sound advice and a mantra that helps make all of our future purchases that little bit more guilt-free, ‘Don’t be afraid and just go for it! If it gives you a moment of joy when you buy it, it’s definitely worth it!’.