This simple formula will help you to book the cheapest possible flight

For most of us, January is the best time of year to book a holiday. Christmas is over, the weather is miserable, and all of our day-to-day responsibilities are back in full swing – and so we find ourselves needing something to look forward to.

However, January is often one of the tightest months financially, meaning that you have to scour the internet for hours to find an offer that will maximise your budget. This year, however, things could be a little more straightforward, as the experts at Skyscanner have come up with a simple but very effective formula for booking the lowest priced flights.

book the cheapest flight
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According to the those in the know, the way to book the cheapest flight is to book your flight on a Sunday, and travel on a Friday. Switching your departure date from a Sunday to a Friday could save you up to 21 per cent, as Friday is the cheapest day to jet away from the UK.

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Lisa Tyndall, Senior Growth Manager at Skyscanner commented: ‘With the busiest month for flight bookings underway we wanted to crunch our latest data to uncover flight insights that could help travellers find the best deals in 2019.

‘There is evidence that suggests Friday is the cheapest day of the week for travellers to fly out of the UK and Sunday is the most expensive day to fly out of the UK.’

book the cheapest flight
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Other tips offered by Skyscanner included travelling from a different airport – according to their findings, a family of four flying to Tenerife could save over £500 if they switched from London Luton to London Stansted – and flying out with one airline and returning with another to cut costs.

And if you need a little inspiration for your destination? The company has also released a list of the best value long and short haul breaks, based on the biggest drop in average flight prices over the last year.

Long haul destinations with the biggest savings

1. Austin, Texas (-28 per cent)
2. Chicago, Illinois (-19 per cent)
3. Detroit, Michigan (-17 per cent)
4. Seattle, Washington (-16 per cent)
5. Denver, Colorado (-15 per cent)
6. San Francisco, California (-11 per cent)
7. Buenos Aires, Argentina (-9 per cent)
8. Los Angeles, California (-7 per cent)
9. Sao Paulo, Brazil (-6 per cent)
10. Oakland, California (-6 per cent)

European destinations with the biggest savings

1. Frankfurt, Germany (-26 per cent)
2. Cologne, Germany (-23 per cent)
3. Kaunas, Lithuania (-18 per cent)
4. Genoa, Italy (-17 per cent)
5. Bratislava, Slovakia (-16 per cent)
6. Bremen, Germany (-14 per cent)
7. Cagliari, Italy (-14 per cent)
8. Reykjavik, Iceland (-14 per cent)
9. Dortmund, Germany (-11 per cent)
10. Luqa, Malta (-11 per cent)