This viral TikTok video shows how often you should clean your hairbrush

Rarely a week goes by without a new TikTok hack popping up all over social media. Whether it’s the latest beauty trend, a genius new way to eat wraps, or yet another dance craze, there’s always something to learn.

When it comes to cleaning our hairbrush then, most of us probably pull the hair out of the bristles or give it a rinse under a tap from time to time and call it a day. Now, this video from TikTok user Jessica Haizman shows the grim reality of what’s really stuck on there.

woman brushing her hair in the mirror

She reveals we should be washing our brushes at least every two weeks… oops. In the video, Haizman shows that by not cleaning your brush regularly, you’re essentially just combing dirt back into your hair.

So, how should we be cleaning out hairbrush? First, the TikTok home tips guru takes all of the hair out of her brushes with another comb. Next, she fills the sink with water, baking soda and shampoo, and sets her brushes in the mixture to soak for 30 minutes. Finally, after rinsing the brushes thoroughly, she leaves them to air dry.


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‘Immediately, the water started turning brown and gross,’ she said. But you can expect a bit of residue if you’ve dyed your hair recently, right? Wrong. Haizman explained she doesn’t use dye or even that many products in her hair.

TikTok hairbrush hack

Where’s all this dirt coming from then? According to Haizman, that brown murky water you can see is actually all the dirt that has collected on your brush from inadequate cleaning. Someone pass us the baking soda, ASAP!

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