This is how much the average woman spends on going to their office Christmas party

No one ever said that Christmas comes cheap – but new figures released around just how much we all spend on going to our office Christmas parties are still more shocking than we’d expected.

Forget presents, Christmas dinner and the festive booze cabinet, parties could actually be one of the biggest expenses on the list, as the survey, carried out by fashion brand Oasis,  revealed that the average British woman will spend £281.78 on her annual Christmas party.

Christmas party
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To really hammer that point home, throughout a typical working life, that adds up to an eyewatering £13,243.66, just to hoover up some canapés, sink (a few too many) cocktails and belt out Mariah at top volume with your colleagues on a yearly basis. Which, as we all know, is always a worthy endeavour – but does it really have to cost us so much?

The data took into account the price of factors from travel and accommodation to hair, make-up and of course, the all-important party outfit. Nearly everyone quizzed by the store said they brought a new clothing and accessories for the occasion, to the tune of £139.23, Metro reports.

92 per cent also pay for hair and make-up, adding around £53.70 to their total. With £27.55 on transport like trains and taxis, or roughly £61 on accommodation, it’s not surprising that the overall figure keeps on rising.

how much women spend on Christmas party
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However, there are definitely ways to limit the spend, the most obvious being wearing the same outfit to multiple events throughout the festive season.

Although some participants cited concerns about pictures on social media showing them ‘recycling’ a look, 2019 is the year when we all became more aware of the important of sustainability and longevity than ever, so technically, one of the most on-trend things you can do is rewear.

If you must make a purchase, try adding a statement accessory, like a hairband or great earrings, to give an old favourite an affordable new lease of life.

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Only 14 per cent of respondents hoped for a black-tie dress code for their do, with 55 per cent saying they prefer cocktail attire, meaning it’s worth mentioning this to whoever organises your event so you don’t find yourself forking out for a gown you’ll never use again.

Plus, when asked what made a great Christmas bash, 67 per cent said a sit-down meal and 54 per cent said a free bar. So if your employer will cover those costs,  you may be able to trim down the total even further.