How much the Kardashian family would earn if they weren’t famous

When asked to name one of the wealthiest families in the world, most of us would automatically think of the Kardashians – but have you ever wondered how much the famous brood would earn if they didn’t have a lifestyle of fame and fortune?

New research from Reboot Digital Marketing has considered each Kardashian sister’s previous experience and potential in the current job market, and used CV value tool Adzuna to work out the salaries they would likely be earning outside of the spotlight.

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The richest Kardashian sister would be Kourtney, who would earn £45,066 ($60,519) annually – a partial reflection of her bachelor’s degree in Theatre, with a minor in Spanish. According to the brand, the mother-of-three could have a prosperous career in interior design, public relations, marketing or nutrition, with job roles best suited to her skillset including a Marketing Manager or Interior Designer.

Kim, meanwhile, was predicted to earn £31,030 ($39,110) per year if her fame ended tomorrow – meaning that she’d have to work a staggering 4,200 years in an ‘average’ role to generate her current estimated net worth of $175 million.

Her title? Social Media Specialist or clothing store manager – although Reboot add that she’d also earn a tidy sum a personal shopper too. Well, she does have plenty of experience from running the sisters’ clothing boutique chain DASH.

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The youngest of the sisters, and owner of the lip kit empire Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie‘s professional experience would garner her a role in brand management or as a Business Development Executive, to the tune of £29,125 ($39,110).

Khloe, who has her own clothing line, Good American, would be on £27,925 ($37,499), with professional skills identified as communication, assertiveness, content creation and marketing leading her to a job in writing or editing.

As for real life supermodel Kendall? She’s estimated to be earning the least without the Kardashian-Jenner name behind her. On her CV she’d be able to list modelling, working with luxury brands and social media (something that the entire family is proficient in!), to apply for jobs such as a fashion model, actress or photographer. Her salary without the fame would be £25,903 ($35,784).

Now, how do we go about finding out how much matriarch and momager Kris would be earning under the same circumstances? Because we’ve got a feeling it would be more than all of her daughters combined…