This is how much it would cost to give birth without the NHS

Life without the NHS is a very scary thought. But with constant discussions and debates about the potential privatisation of health care in the UK, it’s becoming a growing concern for many.

how much it would cost to give birth without the NHS
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While there are endless reasons why a life with privatised healthcare would be dark, one major concern highlighted by Pretty52, is the cost of giving birth without the support of the NHS. And as you may expect, it isn’t cheap.

As reported by the publication, there are a number of fees to consider in the pregnancy process including various hospital appointments, scans, the cost of a midwife and an Epidural for pain relief – not to mention the price of a C-section if needed.

Bearing this in mind, they broke down the overall cost of giving birth and found the results below.

  • Ultrasound –  £100 and upwards per scan
  • Midwife – £2,000 to £5,000
  • Epidural – £1,395
  • Ordinary assisted delivery – £3,935
  • C-section – £6,040
  • Antenatal care £1590 – £4233
  • Birth £2244 – £3282 (plus additional payments if you need a long stay in hospital)
  • Postnatal care – £355.50 – £1207.50

As you can see, this all adds up and ultimately means you could end up spending a grand total of between £8,000 to £11,000 on giving birth privately – and that’s assuming everything goes smoothly and you won’t have to have any additional treatment.

how much it would cost to give birth without the NHS
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While this may seem like a hefty bill, it is still significantly cheaper than the cost in the States. In the US, people have to fork out money for health insurance and according to  Truven Health Analytics, having a natural birth can cost up to $30,000 (£23,000) or up to $50,000 (£39,000) for a C-section.

It is also worth noting that these cost exclude all of the other necessities a newborn baby needs such as clothes, a nursery, a pram – the list goes on.

So in other words, the research shows that, without the NHS, only those who have the financial means to do so can have a baby. So here’s to hoping it stays!