You can now stay in the house where Ian Fleming created James Bond

007 fans, rejoice. Not only do we have an exciting new James Bond movie on the way, but you can now visit and stay in the very same house where Ian Fleming masterminded the iconic character.


Holiday rental website HomeAway is now offering customers the chance to book a stay at the home owned by the famous author of the James Bond franchise.

The property, designed by Fleming himself, is located in Jamaica and is absolutely stunning to say the least. It boasts five bedrooms and five bathrooms, sleeping up to 10 guests. And best of all? It’s still complete with the exact same desk where Fleming wrote his Bond novels.

Home Away

Oh, and of course it doesn’t stop there. The beautiful villa comes with its own butler, as well as an onsite heliport, swimming pool and an exotic outdoor shower set among banana trees. After all, it is where the inspiration for Bond’s lavish lifestyle was drawn from, so we wouldn’t expect anything less.

In fact, Fleming himself said of the property: ‘Would these books have been born if I had not been living in the gorgeous vacuum of a Jamaican holiday? I doubt it.’

HomeAway explains: ‘Guests of the Fleming Villa will experience secret coves, a glorious stretch of beach, lush tropical gardens and a private swimming pool. Enjoy the services of a full staff including a personal chef, butler and housekeeper who insure that your tropical island escape is carefree. Dine in multiple outdoor areas amid flowering gardens or overlooking the sea.’


Both the exterior and the interior of the property are impressive too, with ‘classic Jamaican architecture with wood trimmed jalousie windows that open to island breezes and beautiful views.’ Furnishings are ‘highlighted by contemporary lines with rustic touches that suit the lush vegetation of the island.’

As you can expect, the rental rate is on the pricey side costing a whopping £6,632 per night. But considering the the level of luxury and the Hollywood history attached, we’re not too surprised. If your budget stretches, it is available to book on HomeAway now.