These are the most anticipated travel destinations for next year (and one is in the UK)

After months of restricted travel, holidays abroad are finally back on the table. With quarantining mostly scrapped for those of us who are fully vaccinated, jetting off somewhere hot and sunny suddenly seems like less of a distant dream.

Many people may have chosen to stay closer to home this year, with the traffic light system still in place. But hopefully, we won’t have to worry too much about where we can and can’t go next year. And 2022 isn’t really that far away, so we wouldn’t blame you for thinking about your future travel destinations now.

To give us some inspiration for where to go, has conducted extensive research to find the most anticipated travel destinations for 2022…

The hottest travel destinations for 2022

Taichung, Taiwan

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Taichung is Taiwan’s second-largest city and has an average temperature of 22.4 degrees centigrade, so you’re sure to encounter warm weather while you’re there. You’ll find a combination of rich culture, historic sites, beautiful scenery and a buzzing commercial hub.

Atlanta, USA

atlanta, usa
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Atlanta is described as the ‘vibrant, cultural hub of the Southeastern USA’. The epic skyline is just one of the awe-inspiring things you’ll see there. Expect to find expansive green spaces, diverse dining opportunities, top attractions, incredible arts and entertainment.

Gramado, Brazil

gramado, brazil
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Gramado is a small and quaint Brazilian village. There’s plenty of nature-based activities to enjoy, like paddle boarding and exploring the surrounding Black Forest pines of Lago Negro.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

santo domingo
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The capital of the Dominican Republic is the oldest permanent city established by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere, and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Perfect for history buffs!

Brașov, Romania

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Brasov has a distinct medieval look and feel to it. It’s even home to one of the narrowest streets in Europe – Rope Street (Strada Sforii) is approximately just four feet wide. It’s full of interesting architecture, and is surrounded by stunning mountains and forests.

Llandudno, UK

Llandudno, UK travel destinations 2022
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We were surprised to see the UK had made the list, but not when we saw just how beautiful Llandudno is. The town is located in Conwy and boasts an elegant promenade, beach and the longest pier in Wales.

Montpellier, France

Montpellier, France travel destinations 2022
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Montpellier is situated on the Mediterranean coast, and combines medieval streets with new neighbourhoods. Tourists can go shopping, wine tasting in the nearby vineyards, appreciate the architecture, try out the delicious food and simply soak in the laid back culture.

Melaka, Malaysia

melaka travel destinations 2022
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Melaka (also known as Malacca) is a slow-paced town and port located in west Malaysia. Some of the tourist hotspots include Jonker Street – a bustling night market – and Christ Church, a church built by the Dutch when they took possession of town from the Portuguese.

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