The honeymoon trends of 2022

After two years of postponed weddings, 2022 is expected to be a huge year for the wedding industry. In fact, over 550,000 nuptials are predicted to take place this year in the UK alone. And, with the travel industry finally getting back to normal, honeymoons are also firmly back on the agenda.

man and woman on honeymoon in front of tuktuk
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But, with two years having passed since the majority of honeymoons could go ahead, priorities, ideals and trends have moved on, and the honeymoon you had planned back in 2020 might not be the one you want to take in 2022.

So safari and travel experts Go2Africa analysed Google trend data to reveal the honeymoon trends set to prevail this year. Keep scrolling for a big batch of honeymoon inspiration…

1. Active honeymoons

Gone are the days of lazing around on a sun lounger (although no judgement if that is your vibe), these days it looks like lots of us want to fill our honeymoons with activities and adventure, with the search term ‘adventure honeymoon’ seeing a 9,900 per cent increase in Google searches since the beginning of 2022. For the couple who wants a bit of relaxation and adventure, a beach holiday provides just that with its wealth of water-based activities such as snorkelling, surfing, kayaking and paddle-boarding.

2. Travelling holiday

Since the start of the year, searches for ‘multi destination honeymoon’ have risen by 9,600 per cent. After two years of travel restrictions, it’s not surprising that newlyweds are looking to use their honeymoon to make up for lost time by ticking off multiple destinations in one trip. It’s a great way to visit all the places you’ve been dying to see in one go and make a uniquely special event of your honeymoon. It could be helpful to use a travel expert to help plan a trip like this to make it the most efficient trip possible.

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3. Bucket list adventures

Again, this one is likely influenced by the restrictions on holidays we’ve all endured the last couple years, and now that the travel industry is in full swing again, people are wasting no time in finally ticking off those bucket list items they’ve been dreaming about. This has resulted in searches for ‘unique honeymoon’ rising by 3,900 per cent, as couples look to create bespoke travelling experiences that ticks off those bucket list destinations and activities.

4. All-inclusive honeymoon

Perhaps the antithesis to all the other honeymoon trends here, but nevertheless there is definitely a growing trend for all-inclusive honeymoons, with the search term gaining a 3,100 per cent uplift. We all know planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful time, not least if you’ve been trying to plan it in the last two years of Covid restrictions. After all that stress, it seems many couples are looking for a honeymoon that allows them to sit back, relax and not have to plan another thing.

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5. Pet friendly getaways

A whopping 3.2 million households acquired a pet in the last two years, so it’s no wonder that many a newlywed couple are now looking for a honeymoon that accommodates for their four-legged friend, too. ‘Pet friendly holidays’ searches have been steadily rising since 2020, with a dramatic 417 per cent increase just this year, as we look to travel with our furry loved ones in tow.

6. Wellness escapes

Wellness is still a huge buzzword for daily life, and now it seems we want to extend those good vibes to our holidays and honeymoons, too. Searches for ‘wellness holiday’ are up 303 per cent in 2022, as couples look to embrace relaxation while abroad, whether that’s attending a dedicated wellness retreat or just looking for ways to incorporate aspects of wellness into your planned trip.

7. Honeymoon in Africa

The search term ‘honeymoon in Africa’ has seen a 236 per cent uplift in searches since the beginning of the year. It’s not surprising, given the diversity of experiences the continent offers – from the jaw-droppingly picturesque beaches of the Seychelles to exciting safari experiences in Botswana and the stunning natural wonder that is Victoria Falls, a honeymoon in Africa could also tick off many of the above trends at the same time.