Holly Willoughby just revealed the one beauty product she can’t live without

It’s no secret that Holly Willoughby has flawless skin, and naturally, we’re all dying to know the intricacies of her beauty routine. But it turns out the style queen and all-round national treasure may be a lot more like us than we think.

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Unlike most celebrities, the This Morning presenter keeps things surprisingly simple – and she’ll be the first to admit that she doesn’t always follow the rules, especially when it comes to her evening cleansing routine. Speaking to the Sunday Times Style, Holly said: ‘I fully admit that I’m not the world’s best at taking off my make-up.’

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However, she did also reveal that one genius creation has made her life a lot easier, so much so that it has become the one beauty product she can no longer live without.

‘The only thing that saved my life is a few years ago when the invention of beauty wipes happened,’ she continued. ‘Now I don’t care what you beauty types are gonna talk to me and say “they’re so bad for your skin”, I don’t care.’

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This Works’ ‘In Transit No Traces Cleansing Pads, £17, Look Fantastic

If they’re good enough for Holly, they’re definitely good enough for us. But before you run off to your local high street to stack up on face wipes, you should know that the 37-year-old TV star doesn’t just use any old wipes.

Instead, she’s a big fan of This Works’ In Transit No Traces Cleansing Pads, which are convenient, moisturising pads infused with rosewater and water mint to remove all traces of dirt and make-up from the skin.

Priced at £17, they may not be as purse-friendly as your average make-up wipes, but it’s a small price to pay to get one step closer to Holly’s smooth complexion…